In administration panel go to Sale => Price comparers

Select Ceneo

Activating the products in the price comparer

Select List of products

  1. Tick Products,
  2. Select Set as active: Yes.

Generating the xml file

Select Generate the xml file

Press Generate the xml file

URL address of Ceneo's generated file

Ceneo configuration

Select Configuration

Trusted Opinions / Transaction System

  1. Tick Enable Trusted opinions,
  2. Tick Enable Transaction System,
  3. Enter Shop ID,
  4. Copy the 36 characters after the string accountGuid= from the Trusted Opinions module code obtained from Ceneo

    <script type="text/javascript">
    ceneo_client_email = 'test@test.pl';
    ceneo_order_id = '12345'; //opjonalnie
    <script type="text/javascript" src="https://ssl.ceneo.pl/transactions/track/script.js?accountGuid=e8999447-22f0-4e8d-aee2-d48d846c00123"></script>

    From the given example code you should paste the part:

  5. Press Save.

This option is linked to Gathering opinions from Compatibility module. You have to activate Gather opinions.

Checking the information about customer's consent

In administration panel go to Sale => Orders

  1. Edit an order,
  2. Check the option Consent to send data for examine the opinion.

Check out orders documentation.

Settings of xml file generating

  1. Tick Add a producer code based on a product code,
  2. Tick Add a manufacturer's code,
  3. Tick Add EAN code,
  4. Tick Add ISBN code,
  5. Tick Add a stock,
  6. Select Product description,
  7. Press Save.

Check out manufacturers documentation.

Information about the products availability

  1. Select Availability in Ceneo accorded to Availability in the shop,
  2. Press Save.

Check out availability documentation.

Check out price comparers documentation.