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In the Ceneo comparison engine, you can search for products from different categories and compare their prices. Thanks to Ceneo, customers can quickly find a product at a good price, and sellers can reach new customers. The advantage of adding an offer to Ceneo is that the search engine has a high position in the search results. Find out how to add products to Ceneo and track customer entries from the comparison engine.
Ceneo Comparison Page:

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Ceneo. Integration of the store with SOTESHOP.

In the Admin Panel go to ApplicationsCeneo Ceneo module icon

Activating the product in the Ceneo comparison

Select Product List

Ceneo in the online store product activation.
  1. Select Products,
  2. Select Set active: Yes.

Generating an XML file

Select Generating an XML file

Ceneo in an online store - generating an xml file.

Press the Generate xml file button

URL address of the generated Ceneo file


It is possible to automatically generate an xml file. See more -> Task Schedule.

Ceneo Configuration

Select Configuration

Ceneo in an online store - configuration.

Trusted Reviews / Transaction System

  1. Check Enable Trusted Reviews,
  2. Check Enable Transaction System,
  3. Enter Store ID Number,
  4. From the Ceneo module code Trusted Reviews copy 36 characters after accountGuid=

    <script type="text/javascript">
    ceneo_client_email = '';
    ceneo_order_id = '12345'; //opjonalnie
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

    From the above example code you should paste the part:

  5. Press the Save button.

Option related to Collecting reviews in the Compatibility Module. Review collection must be active.

Ceneo in an online store collecting opinions
Checking information about customer consent

In the admin panel select Sales => Orders

  1. Edit the order,
  2. Ceneo in an online store collecting opinions
  3. Check Consent to send data for collecting opinions.

See the orders documentation.

Settings for generating xml file

  1. Check Add manufacturer code based on product code,
  2. Check Add manufacturer code,
  3. Check Add EAN code,
  4. Check Add ISBN code,
  5. Check Add stock status,
  6. Select Product description,
  7. Press the Save button.

See the manufacturers documentation.

Information about product availability

  1. Select Availability in Ceneo for availability from the SOTESHOP store,
  2. Press the Save button.

See the availability documentation.

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