DPD - Integration of Deliveries from Dynamic Parcel Distribution

Ship the package directly from the order, automatically download and print the generated label. Manage shipments and provide customers with a simple system to check the status of delivery.

Download the integration with DPD for your SOTESHOP store

Service page Dynamic Parcel Distribution (DPD)

Table of Contents

DPD - Integration with the SOTESHOP online store.

Enabling integration with DPD

In the admin panel, go to ApplicationsDPD DPD module icon

DPD module configuration
  1. Go to Configuration
  2. Check Enable,
  3. Enter Login,
  4. Enter Password,
  5. Enter FID number

    Login, password and FID must be obtained from DPD support. The login and password for integration are different from the DPD customer panel.

  6. Select Label document format,
  7. Select Label page format,
  8. Select status in Change order status to,

    Changes the order status after creating a package.

  9. Add Package sizes,

    Package sizes will appear as a selection field when creating a package for a given order, thus speeding up the filling of shipping data.

  10. If you select Provide your own, fill in the Sender's data,
  11. Press the Save button.

Adding DPD to Delivery Methods

Go to ApplicationsDeliveriesDeliveries

  1. Add a new delivery,

    See how to add a new delivery

    Adding a new DPD delivery
  2. Check Active,
  3. From the Group list select DPD,
  4. Select Zone,
  5. Enter Name,
  6. Enter Basic cost,
  7. Select Payments,
  8. Set Package size,
  9. Press the Save button.

Sending a package

Go to SalesOrders

  1. Edit the order, Editing an order with DPD delivery
  2. Press the Send shipment button, Sending a package with DPD
  3. Check / fill in the data,
  4. Add a package / packages by entering the weight and size and clicking the button Icon of the add package button,
  5. Select the chosen Additional services,
  6. Press the Send shipment button, Shipment sent in the Soteshop panel
  7. Download the label by clicking Download label. Label generated by the DPD module

Recording packages

Go to ApplicationsDPD

List of sent packages in the Soteshop panel
  • Download the label by clicking the icon Icon of the download label button,

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