Google Custom Search - Google Search Results in the Store

Integration with Google Custom Search allows for direct presentation of Google search results in the store. Google search is integrated with the store's search engine. After entering the "phrase" in the search field, both products matching the query and other pages searched by Google will be displayed as results. Additionally, it is possible to connect to the search not only the store's own page, but also other pages and domains.

Download the integration with Google search.

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In the admin panel, select ApplicationsGoogle Custom Search Returns module iconConfiguration


Google search module configuration
  1. Check Enable,
  2. Enter Search engine key,
  3. Enter API key,

    See How to get search engine and API keys.

  4. Select Number of pages,

    Maximum number of pages given in the results.

  5. Select Daily query limit,

    Daily query limit after which the search will stop working. Up to 100 queries the search is free.

  6. Enter Hidden word,

    Hidden phrase added to the search results.

  7. Enter Excluded IP addresses,

    Excluded IP addresses from registering search results. Searches in the store from users with these IP addresses will not be saved to the search list.

  8. Press the Save button.

Getting search engine and API keys

  1. Go to the Google Cloud Console,
  2. Log in or create a new account,
    Logging into Google Account
  3. Click Select a project and then New project, Google Cloud Dashboard
  4. Enter the project name and click Create, Creating Google Cloud Project
  5. Once the project is created, select it,
  6. From the left menu select APIs & ServicesLibrary,
  7. Search for the phrase custom search api, Searching Google Cloud Libraries
  8. Select Custom Search API from the search results,
  9. Press the Enable button, Enabling the Google Search API
  10. Once the service is enabled, go to Credentials, Creating credentials for the API
  11. Click Create credentials and select API key,
  12. Once the key is created, copy it and paste it in the configuration in the store's admin panel, Generated API key
  13. Now, go to the page of custom searches,
  14. Click the Add button,
  15. Enter the search engine name, e.g. Soteshop,
  16. Limit the search results to your domain by adding it to the list,
  17. Press the Create button,
  18. After the search engine is created, click Customize,
  19. Copy the Search engine ID and paste it into the configuration in the store's admin panel.

Google search in the store

Google search results will be visible on the product search page, under the products.

Store customers search list

In the admin panel, select ApplicationsGoogle Custom Search Returns module iconList

The list displays all searches of the store users.

You can see the search details by clicking on the icon

Selected URL is the address of the result that the user searching for the phrase clicked on.

The Other Searches list displays the other searches of the same shop user.

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