In administration panel go to Configuration => Configure modules

Select Inquiries module

Enabling the inquiries

  1. Tick Enable the module on Product price inquiry,
  2. Tick Enable the module on Product availability inquiry,
  3. Press Save.
  4. In administration panel go to Offer => Products
  5. Edit a product,
  6. Select Hide price,
  7. Select Availability or set a stock in order to select an availability automatically according to a stockroom quantity,
  8. Press Save.

If you want to hide prices of all the products than in administration panel go to Configuration => Products configuration.
Select Hide price.

You can use import / export feature to hide prices and select an availability for the selected products.

Sending an inquiry about a product

  1. Press Ask for price / Ask for availability,
  2. Enter Content,
  3. Enter Sender (e-mail address to which an answer is going to be sent),
  4. Enter Digits from the image,
  5. Check out security documentation.

  6. Press Send.

A message will be send to shop's main e-mail account:

Sending an answer to an inquiry

In administration panel go to Sale => Inquiries

Select List

  1. Edit an inquiry,
  2. Enter Answer,
  3. Press Save and send.

Customer will receive an answer:

Check out changing a header and footer in the e-mail messages documentation.

Adding a new status

Select Statuses

  1. Press Add,
  2. Enter Name,
  3. Select Type,
  4. Tick Default ,
  5. Default status is set for each new inquery. Only status type New can be set as the default status.

  6. Press Save.

Change Language version to start editing a record for the other languages.