Products groups

In administration panel go to Marketing => Product groups

Adding a products group

Press Add.

  1. Enter Name,
  2. Select Type,
  3. Enter Number of the displayed products.
  4. Press Save.

Change Language version to start editing a record for the other languages.

Adding a label to a products group

  1. Select My image,
  2. Upload an Image,
  3. Press Save.

Assigning the products to a products group

Select Assign the products

  1. Tick Products,
  2. Select Add to the group.

Products group positioning

Select Positioning

  1. Enter Friendly link,
  2. Select Display options,
  3. If you select Set manually:

  4. Enter Website title,
  5. Enter Site description,
  6. Enter Keywords,
  7. Press Save.

Change Language version to start editing a record for the other languages.

Editing New products group

  1. Select Display new products
    • by assigned products,
    • Group New products has the characteristics of other groups. You can assign a label.

    • by date add,
    • Products are assigned automatically to the group. Define a date after which newly-added products to a shop are automatically assigned to the group. You can't assign a label.

  2. Press Save.

Products groups configuration

In administration panel go to Configuration => Configure modules

Select Product groups module

  1. Tick Limit products inside group within the selected category,
  2. Press Save.

Homepage products group configuration

  1. Select Sort homepage products,
  2. Select Sort,
  3. Press Save.

Label configuration

  1. Tick Label link indicates a product group,
  2. Enter Number of the displayed labels on a product,
  3. Press Save.

Products groups implementation

Option for webmasters.

Implement a code to display a products group of a given type:

  • New products
  • {st_get_component module="stProduct" component="new"}
  • Homepage products
  • {st_get_component module="stProduct" component="productGroup" product_group="MAIN_PAGE"}
  • Promotions
  • {st_get_component module="stProduct" component="productGroup" params="product_group=PROMOTION"}
  • Recommended
  • {st_get_component module="stProduct" component="productGroup" params="product_group=RECOMMEND"}
  • Sale
  • {st_get_component module="stProduct" component="productGroup" params="product_group=SALES"}