The "Extension of the Blog" application allows for displaying blog posts on the product card and in categories. These elements provide helpful information for customers and positively affect the positioning of both products and categories.

Extension of the Blog

Watch the video presentation and learn about the extended blog features in the SOTESHOP online store.


In the new version of the blog, we can link products to the article. Now additionally, posts containing references to the product will automatically appear on its card. Thanks to this, the customer can read additional information on the blog and at the same time we increase the internal link associations of the store, which is important for SEO and positioning.


In categories, we can display related articles in the form of links above the list of products (in the category description), and at the bottom of the page in the form of a photo and a shortened description.

Here it is worth adding articles related to a given category or group of products e.g. How to do something, tips, information. Articles from the blog will be more effective in positioning the category than the description itself.


After installing the addon, go to the Blog Applications panel->Blog and select "Configuration" from the menu. New sections will appear:

  • Posts on the product card
  • Posts in the category description
  • Posts on the category page