Facebook Conversion API

Facebook recommends updating the integration and changing the way data on conversions (Conversions API) is sent. Without this update, you cannot effectively use any Facebook advertising. This is a new method of sending data on orders and other events to Facebook.

How does this application work

Facebook Conversions API app allows the integration with the new Facebook system. There is no need to implement a complex procedure individually or add separate codes to the store anymore. The only thing you need is to enter your Facebook Pixel number and a token number.

Changes in iOS14

Changes on Facebook result, among others, from limitations introduced by Apple’s iOS14 system. The system limits user tracking, including exporting data on orders. The changes implemented by Facebook apply not only to the users of Apple devices, but also to the users of desktop computers, Android, Windows and Linux devices, etc. Among others, time for the identification of a user redirected to the store from an ad is limited - up to 7 days as of his/her click and to 1 day as of the ad display.

ADS Tracker

We recommend linking Facebook Conversions API app with ADS Tracker. This app will allow you to identify users redirected the store from a Facebook ad or from other platforms for the period from 30 to 180 days.