Favi and SOTESHOP on-line store

The Application allows the export of the store product offering to the furniture and home decor search engine www.favi.pl
Functions included in the integration:

  • Data export in XML
  • Data export of the entire offer
  • Data export of selected products
  • Automated data export generation in Task Scheduler.
  • Integration with ADS Tracker

Configuration in SOTESHOP

Read the instructions on how to activate and add products to be exported to Favi: Favi integration documentation

How to add the store to Favi?

“Cooperation with FAVI is based on the CPC model (cost per click), by clicking on the add, the user is automatically transferred to the store page. The price list is available here: https://favi.pl/lista-kategorii. To start the cooperation, register your on-line store using this form: https://favi.pl/dodaj-sklep. We will verify your registration request and, if the form is filled in correctly, we will add your store products to FAVI catalogue.” - Information provided by Favi.