Program recommended by the company General Logistic Systems. This is an integration of the SOTESHOP online store with GLS deliveries, which was created as a result of cooperation between the two companies. The integration is fully compatible with the latest version of the SOTESHOP online store 8.

Integration with the store

Watch the video and learn how to configure and ship GLS in the SOTESHOP online store.

Advantages of automatic integration of SOTE store with GLS:

  • Time savings associated with order fulfillment.
  • Fast shipping.
  • Avoiding errors when transcribing the address.
  • Information for the customer, shipment status.
  • Easy installation and software compatibility.
  • Service provided by SOTE.


  • Automatic transfer of order data to delivery data.
  • Generating a label directly from the order
  • Automatic insertion of the shipment number into the order.
  • Defining the size and weight of the shipment
  • Shipping multiple shipments to the order.
  • Ability to filter the list of packages
  • Creating a shipment on delivery.
  • Saturday delivery service.
  • Tracking delivery progress.