Textiledeco.pl is an art and craft warehouse with creative products. It cooperates with online and stationary stores, also in the dropshipping system. To start cooperation, you need to register on the Stepp/Textiledeco platform.Stepp/Textiledeco

Textildeco Warehouse

Cyclic import of product data according to the file provided by the Textildeco warehouse, imported data:

  • Product name
  • Category
  • Product description
  • Stock status
  • Gross price
  • VAT rate
  • Manufacturer
  • Manufacturer EAN code
  • Photos

Number of warehouses in the store

The number of active warehouses (from WebStore) in the store depends on the version of the store:

General features of integration with warehouses in SOTESHOP

Integrations with warehouses are based on a new advanced cyclic import system, which includes:

  • Import and update of product data: name, description, price, stock status, photos, etc.
  • Automatic and cyclic import.
  • Number of imports without limits.
  • Advanced management of imported product categories.
  • Margins on the entire assortment or individual import categories.
  • Ability to exclude part of the assortment from import.
  • Setting product availability based on data in warehouse files.
  • Linking and marking products imported from a given warehouse.
  • Independent option to import a photo.
  • Import of product attributes.
  • Ability to download data from several files.
  • Support for different data formats.
  • Integration with the task schedule.
  • Report on completed imports.