Wrap product as a Gift

The application allows adding the option of wrapping products in the cart as a gift. After adding products to the cart, the customer sees the option to choose and add packaging for each product. Selected packages are automatically added to the cart summary.

The packages presented in the cart are specially marked products. This allows us to easily manage them from the store panel. It is possible to exclude products that will not have the option of wrapping.

Addon Function Description

  • Defining products as gift packaging.
  • Selecting "Purchase as a Gift" for each product in the cart.
  • The ability to choose several packaging options.
  • Automatic calculation of the price depending on the option and quantity.
  • Including packages in orders, emails, invoices.
  • Option to add a ticket by the customer.
  • The ability to disable products from the "Purchase as a Gift" option.

Packaging Selection

You can define several different packages and give the option to choose in the cart. This way the customer will choose the best option for themselves, and the seller can offer packages at different prices, e.g. standard, premium, etc. This gives the opportunity to increase the value of the order.


In the configuration, you can add the option to show the ticket - an additional information that the customer can provide to the seller.