ADS Tracker. Recognition of entries and orders from comparison sites.


We have added new features to the ADS Tracker application that allow tracking entries from comparison sites and recognizing orders, even after many days from the entry.

New features of ADS Tracker

  • Automatic recognition of entries from comparison sites.
  • Recognition of orders from comparison sites, even many days from the entry.
  • Adding comparison sites to the order acquisition path.
  • Simple activation and automation of integration.

ADS Tracker allows tracking any generated link, but the new update allows automatic generation of special links in files sent to comparison sites.

Thanks to this, if someone visits our website from a comparison site link and returns after a few days to make a purchase, this information will appear in the order. If in the meantime he enters our website from an advertisement, e.g. remarketing, both entries will be included in the report.

With ADS Tracker you can share links on any pages and ads and measure their effectiveness.

How to activate Ceneo reports?

Example of activating new features on the example of the Ceneo comparison site.

  1. We install ADS Tracker
  2. We select from the menu Sales>Comparisons->Ceneo->Configuration
  3. In the ADS Tracker section, click "Activate" and you're done.

From now on, the file generated to Ceneo will allow tracking entries and sales. Similarly, integration is activated for other comparison sites, e.g. Nokaut, Okazje, etc.

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