SOTESHOP 8. Blog in an online store. Better SEO and more effective store positioning.


A new version of the blog for the SOTESHOP online store has been released in version 8. The new blog offers a better presentation of articles, product links, posts, new categories, a photo gallery and, above all, very good SEO.

Before we prepared the new version of the blog, we tested the changes for many months, including on our website and the impact of the new version on SEO. The results exceeded our wildest expectations, many pages significantly increased their position in the search results, even by several dozen positions, only after the new blog was implemented. Now we want to share this solution with our customers, so that we can give them the best tools to work with the store that we have.

Christmas present! The new version of the blog is available as standard in SOTESHOP 8 for everyone:)

How to add a blog to the SOTESHOP online store?

Watch the video to activate the blog, add a new article, description, gallery, recommended products, categories and other posts in SOTESHOP 8.

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What's new in the blog?

The best way to check out the new features is to add a few new articles and use the new features we added. You can also set up a demo store and test it independently from your own store.

List of the most important changes. Most of them have a real impact on the store's positioning.

  • Home page
    • Link to the blog in the top menu.
    • Blog categories in the menu.
    • Title above the list of posts/articles.
    • Possibility to select categories for posts on the home page.
    • Better presentation of the list of posts.
  • Blog page
    • New breadcrumbs (location path) with SEO-ordered data.
    • General blog title and description.
    • Links to categories.
    • Extreme SEO

      Extreme SEO is a combination of different elements on the page and other related pages to the article in order to provide the best optimization for search engine optimization, while complying with Google's requirements and good SEO practices. When designing these elements, we also took into account one of the most important SEO factors, such as the experience and behavior of the customer on the page after entering the search results.

      In addition, the new blog system supports the natural use of keywords used in content, the number of characters on the page, links, keywords used in titles, categories, page loading speed and many other factors.

      Content instead of tricks

      With the new blog, you can focus on creating content for your customers, instead of looking for SEO tricks. All you need is valuable and interesting information. If the store also uses the services of SEO specialists, the new blog will give them even more possibilities.

      Store and blog advertising

      This is the icing on the cake. It is no secret that Google, especially in text ads in search results, rewards content matching the query. Nevertheless, many people try to display the same ad for a large number of keywords. The ad will be displayed, but the price of such an ad will be high.Simple and effective trick. Let's advertise blog articles. It pays off!

      Let's add some interesting posts to the store using the new blog. Interesting content, related products, articles and of course a photo gallery. Then select the posts that have an upward trend (e.g. over 2 weeks) or have already achieved a good result and use them in the advertisement. If the query matches the content of the article, we will immediately notice it in a lower price for the advertisement. If we have more articles and have been running the blog for several months, we can consider adding the entire blog to the advertisement.

      Both the Google and Facebook advertising systems offer many advertising options in which we can use the blog, e.g. graphic, text, video, post promotion, dynamic search ads, etc. Each such advertisement can direct to a professional page (landing page) where customers can not only read the article, but also make purchases in a simple way.

      SEO Direction for 2022

      The upcoming 2022 year is the time when one of the most important factors in positioning will be the customer experience after entering the page. Articles artificially boosted, uninteresting or unrelated to the content links will fall in the rankings. Such a tendency can already be seen in the search results. That is why it is a good idea to raise your blog to a higher level, and if you do not have it yet, it is worth adding.

      Search results for stores can be divided into 3 general categories:

      • Sales: products, offer.
      • Informational: pages, blog.
      • The rest.

      The magical and very simple SEO rule is to as rarely as possible fall into the last category ;)

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

      We would like to thank all our customers and collaborators for being with us. Creating stores is our passion. We have been doing it for 20 years and every year we discover new possibilities and take on new challenges, also thanks to you. Together we are changing the face of e-commerce in Poland. For the better. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

      SOTE Team

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Check your individual discount with SOTESHOP 8. Order a new service.

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