Free Christmas Carols and Holiday Banners


Christmas is coming and many online stores are adding festive elements to their page. To make it easier to find them, we have prepared free Christmas carols and banners for you.


If you are planning to make a video for YouTube, Instagram or Facebook and need legal carols that can be used as a soundtrack for the shared materials, we encourage you to use recordings made by our company. Every SOTE customer can use the carols for commercial purposes for free. For non-commercial purposes, the carols are available to everyone. It is not necessary to provide a link to our website or signature, but if someone adds it, we will be pleased:)

Instructions for downloading the mp3 file.

  1. Click: Free Christmas carols
  2. Choose a carol
  3. Click option "Download original file"

How to attach carols to the page

Carols can be attached to any page in the form of a player. All you need to do is paste the so-called "Embed" code of the given song in the appropriate place in the HTML.

  1. Choose a song and click "Share"
  2. Choose "Embed".
  3. Copy the code and paste it on your page.
  4. Additionally, we can customize the look of the player.

How to attach free carols to the page?

Christmas banners

Sample Christmas banners that you can use in your store.

If you are looking for additional inspiration, take advantage of the free Unsplash photo database.

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