The new version of SOTESHOP 8


After many months of work by our team, the new version of SOTESHOP 8 has been released. The biggest change is the new admin panel, but in total we have made changes to 146 store modules. This is the biggest update we have ever released and we hope it is the best.

We invite you to watch a short video showing what the new version of the SOTESHOP 8 online store looks like.

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What's new in version 8?

In version SOTESHOP 8, 225 out of 225 modules have been updated, including 97 changes to the standard version and 49 WebStore add-ons. This is not only new features and updates to existing elements. In addition, we have reviewed the entire code of the program and made changes to make the software development faster, so that we can offer our customers more news and features they need.

The SOTESHOP 8 program takes up more than 250MB when unpacked and only about 40MB are photos;) The rest, more than 200MB, is program code. Reviewing it requires a lot of patience, time and thousands of liters of coffee:)

List of selected updates

  • New admin panel
    • Ergonomic improvements related to working in the panel.
    • Adaptation to larger screens.
    • Better support for mobile devices.
    • New page layout.
    • New store configuration layout.
    • List of all applications in the menu.
    • Clearer presentation of lists and record editing.
    • Hiding fields in record editing.
    • Current location - breadcrumbs.
    • New multi-level menu.
    • Quick access to documentation and help.
    • New installer and update panel.
  • Widget system update.
    • Recently added product reviews.
    • Recently sold products.
    • Recently registered users.
    • Entry report (ADS Tracker).
    • Recent orders.
    • SOTESHOP news.
  • WebStore and updates
    • Adding separate updates for versions 7 and 8.
    • Updating all add-ons in the WebStore and adapting them to the new admin panel.
    • Adding independent versions of the application for version 8.
    • Automatic update system from version 7 to 8.
  • Graphics and presentation
    • Support for product and video banners for all available graphics.
    • New graphics standard.
  • Reports
    • Sales summaries on order lists.
    • Shop page entry reports.
    • Sales reports from ads, comparison sites and own campaigns.
  • Marketing
    • Customer entry and behavior database. ADS Tracker.
    • Remembering user entries from an ad or link for 180 days.
    • Recognizing customer device changes and internet connections.
    • Customer entry history on the store page in the order.
    • Recognizing entries from Google ads, Facebook, Google Shopping and comparison sites.
    • Creating own platforms and campaigns.

    How to set up a SOTESHOP 8 online store?

    The SOTESHOP 8 version is now available for new stores, you can also check the program by setting up a SOTESHOP 8 demo for 14 days: Set up demo.

    How to update the store from SOTESHOP 7 to 8?

    The update from version 7 to 8 is free for all customers who have an active access to the store update. Updates for version 8 will be available from October 18, 2021. The update process will be the same as before. If someone's access to updates expires, by extending it, they will automatically be able to switch to the SOTESHOP 8 version at any time.We understand that such a big update cannot be implemented overnight, and each store has its own priorities and plans, so we decided to maintain the current version 7 and support for it until December 31, 2022. Each store can upgrade to version 8 at the time that is most convenient for them. Even if the store is running on version 7, it still has our support and access to version 7 updates.

    SOTESHOP 8 - New Offer

    SOTESHOP 8 program is also a new offer. This program is only available in SAAS (Software as a service) version in 3 packages: Standard, PRO and VIP - with monthly or annual payment options. Check out the new offer: New SOTESHOP 8 Offer.

    However, we have a bonus for our current customers (for the unlimited version) - until December 31, 2021, you can order a standard store update and get access to version 8 for the next year.

    If you have an unlimited license for the SOTESHOP online store and no longer have access to updates, order an extension for the next year.

    Note! Service available only until December 31, 2021.
    More information in the article: SOTESHOP 8 - Questions and Answers

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