Adapt the store to legal changes. Product reviews, search and price history.


Adapting SOTESHOP to the EU Omnibus Directive. Starting in May 2022, the EU Omnibus Directive, which changes the sales conditions for consumers, will come into force in the European Union. It includes, among other things, the presentation of price history, changes in reviews and information on how to search in the store.

Omnibus e-commerce

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EU Omnibus Directive

Omnibus is a 2019 EU directive to which all EU member states must comply by May 2022. The new regulations are intended to eliminate irregularities in commercial transactions.

Changes in SOTESHOP related to the new legal requirements:

Product Price History

In order to comply with the applicable regulations, it is already necessary to ensure that the store records the history of product prices. Update the store today to take advantage of the new, legally required, functionality in May. To take full advantage of the new feature, you must activate it 30 days before the new law comes into force.

The update, which includes the option of displaying the price history on the product card, is available as standard for SOTESHOP 8. To activate it, just go to the product configuration and activate the "Show price history" option. The link to the price history will appear automatically on the product card.

Learn more from the article: Price history on the product card

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Verified Reviews for Orders

Changes in reviews concern the requirement to show real and verified opinions. In SOTESHOP we have added the option to automatically mark reviews that were added by customers who made purchases in the store.

A brief description of the process of how reviews are added to orders and how they are presented on the product card:

  • The customer places an order.
  • After the order is fulfilled from the store, a link is sent with a request for a review.
  • If the customer adds a review from the received link, it will be automatically marked as a review for the order.
  • Reviews for orders are shown higher on the list of reviews and have an additional mark.

Information about the Search Method

Rules for placing products. The store must place information in a visible place about the main parameters determining the visibility of products affecting the placement of the product in the search results. In SOTESHOP, information about the search method appears automatically above the search results.

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