SOTESHOP 8.1 Online Store. The fastest growing e-commerce platform in Poland.


A new version of SOTESHOP 8.1 has been released. Since the release of SOTESHOP 8, there have been a total of 273 updates. Thus, SOTESHOP 8 is once again the fastest growing platform for running an online store in Poland. See the full list of changes divided into individual versions.

Sklep internetowy SOTESHOP 8.1

Development of the SOTESHOP 8 e-commerce platform

If you have a SOTESHOP 7 store, it's definitely time to switch to version 8. If you want to streamline your store and better compete in the e-commerce market, this is the simplest change that gives the most.

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SOTESHOP updates

See how SOTESHOP 8 has changed over the last 10 months. The charts show the number of updates and improvements released divided into individual store versions.

Aktualizacje SOTESHOP

Growth chart

Aktualizacje SOTESHOP - wykres przyrostowy

List of changes in individual versions

See all 273 updates divided into individual versions. New versions are released on average every month.

List of Recent Changes

Changes in SOTESHOP 8.1.0 from 8.0.9.

  1. Poczta Polska: New version of Pocztex 2.0 integration.
  2. Graphics: Futura theme. Fixes for displaying product name in search box suggestion.
  3. Recurring import: Adding information from which import products are in the order.
  4. Wholesalers: Integration with Bioplanet wholesaler.
  5. SEO: SEO fix for product categories. Increase importance of first page on list and better positioning of categories.
  6. Wholesalers: Integration with Markizeta wholesaler
  7. Graphics: Lazuli theme - text fix on banner in tablet version.
  8. Admin panel: Adaptation to large screens. Possibility to expand presented data.
  9. Products: Fix of column size on list.
  10. Products: Adding text trimming in appropriate columns.
  11. Products: Adaptation of full list to responsive layout.
  12. Products: Fix of look, scaling and functioning of category filter
  13. Orders: Fix of column size on list.
  14. Orders: Adding text trimming in appropriate columns.
  15. Allegro: Fix of column size on list.
  16. Allegro: Including filtering by Guardian on list.
  17. Allegro: Including displaying colors in Status column on list.
  18. Websites: Fix of column size on list.
  19. Websites: Adding Active column.
  20. Websites: Adding text truncation in the appropriate columns.
  21. Reviews: Fixing column size on the list.
  22. Reviews: Adding text truncation in the appropriate columns.
  23. Customers: Fixing column size on the list.
  24. Customers: Adding a General Discount column.
  25. Customers: Adding a Confirmed column.
  26. Customers: Moving the Added column to the beginning of the list.
  27. Customers: Fixing the display of the Wholesaler - Group column.
  28. Customers: Adding text truncation in the appropriate columns.
  29. Warehouse: Fixing column size on the list.
  30. Warehouse: Adding text truncation in the appropriate columns.
  31. ADS Tracker: Adjusting all charts to a responsive layout.
  32. Product Attributes: Fixing the look, scaling, and functioning of the category filter.
  33. Product Attributes: Fixing column size on the list.
  34. Admin Panel: Unifying the product list on the Assign Products tabs in the modules: Gift Vouchers, Discounts, Product Groups, Categories.
  35. Admin Panel: Fixing scaling of pagination on lists.
  36. Google: Adjusting GA4 to purchase events.
  37. Wholesalers: Integrating with the Darymex wholesaler.
  38. Scheduled Import: Fixing the correct recounting of data in the event of manual re-execution of data import (previously the number of records from the previous import was taken, which caused some data not to be imported).
  39. Scheduled Import: Fixing file format validation (previously if an Address URL was provided with a file in CSV format and the import accepted XML format, the import was not blocked).
  40. Scheduled Import: Fixing looping when cleaning old entries in logs.
  41. Scheduled Import: Fixing formatting of error messages in logs.
  42. Scheduled Import: Adding an additional error message in the event of an invalid file format.
  43. Admin Panel: Changing the category presentation for a small number.
  44. Search: Adding search in the store by EAN product code.
  45. WEB API: Fixing correct type conversion when returning data.
  46. SOTESHOP XML: Fixing product attribute export.

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SOTESHOP 8 - The fastest growing e-commerce platform in Poland. Over 380 updates in a year.

SOTESHOP 8 is currently the fastest growing e-commerce platform in Poland. Since the release of SOTESHOP 8 in October 2021, there have been as many as 252 updates, and in the whole of last year we released a total of 383 updates to SOTESHOP.

The new version of SOTESHOP 8

After many months of work by our team, the new version of SOTESHOP 8 has been released. The biggest change is the new administrative panel, but in total we have made changes to 146 store modules. This is the biggest update we have ever released and we hope it is the best.

Check your individual discount with SOTESHOP 8. Order a new service.

With the introduction of version 8, we have changed our offer for SOTESHOP, but for customers who have been with us for years, we always have special conditions. Check your individual discount for your store.