Online Store SOTESHOP 8.1.7


A new version of SOTESHOP 8.1.7 has been released. Since the last update, we have introduced a total of 33 improvements, including a new Google search application in the store, integration with InPost Courier, support for WebP format images and many more.

Sklep internetowy SOTESHOP 8.1.7

List of changes in SOTESHOP 8.1.7 version

  1. Google Custsom Search: New Google Search application - the possibility of extending store search with additional search through Google Search Engine.
  2. Discounts: Corrections in displaying the net price of the set on the product card.
  3. Allegro: Adding support for sending shipments via DPD, Poczta Polska, GLS and Inpost for orders from Allegro.
  4. InPost Courier: New application containing integration with InPost Courier.
  5. Przelewy24: Corrections in the mechanism of collecting information about payment of the order from Przelewy24.
  6. Contact form: Corrections in the configuration in the store's admin panel.
  7. Store information: Expansion of the apartment number field in the configuration of the module in the store panel.
  8. Blog: Corrections in the configuration regarding the "Number of characters in the description" field in the panel.
  9. Queries: Corrections in the mechanism of sending the price and availability inquiry form on the product card in the store.
  10. Nokaut: Adding the EAN code to the store's offer XML file.
  11. Google Translator: Correction of the link to the documentation in the configuration of the module in the store panel.
  12. Task schedule: Adding the possibility of more frequent generation of the SOTESHOP XML file. Now in the module configuration you can choose the option of generating the file every hour.
  13. Product: Correction of wrapping the product photo description on the product card preview in the mobile version.
  14. Allegro: Correction of downloading the recipient's parcel machine element from Allegro orders.
  15. Discounts: Correction of the discount code mechanism when the discount option for wholesale customers is disabled.
  16. Discount codes: Correction of discount code saving.
  17. Newsletter: Corrections to the mechanism of deleting the e-mail address from the newsletter database via the "Unsubscribe me from the list" link.
  18. Watch and Climb theme - corrections:
    • color of the frame in the "Appearance of the highlighted button" section,
    • displaying product group labels,
    • Display of cart buttons on smaller screen widths,
    • Display of navigation bar.
  19. Products: Removal of the old offer sharing control in additional product options.
  20. Product attributes: Fix for uploading variants with a "," sign through attribute import.
  21. Google Tag Manager: Fix for customer consent operation for Google.
  22. Navigation: Fixes to the navigation path for search.
  23. Google Analytics: Fix for passing consent parameters.
  24. Lazuli theme: Fixes to the Lazuli theme configuration related to elements for the home page.
  25. Orders: Fix for the order of displaying products in order and invoice prints.
  26. Admin panel: Fix for the link to the update and improvement of the look of the list of all applications.
  27. Image configuration: Support for WebP format images.
  28. Orders: Optimization - order statistics in the panel appear when selecting a filter.
  29. Google Custom Search: Extension of the store connection to Google search.
  30. Wholesalers: Update of the integration with the Markizeta wholesaler, fix for downloading images.
  31. Graphics: Fix for hiding the cart icon in the store header with the "Hide Cart" option enabled in the product configuration.
  32. Wholesalers: Optimization fixes for downloading the offer from the wholesaler.
  33. Google Custom Search. Fixes for search history.


Updates are standard for all SOTESHOP 8 stores with SOTESHOP Start, Standard, PRO or VIP subscription services. Check the store update documentation: Store Update Documentation

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