Pack for a gift. New option in the basket for all stores. For free. Christmas present from SOTE.


To celebrate the upcoming holidays, we have a present for our customers - the new "Wrap as a Gift" application. The application not only allows you to add a wrapping option, but allows you to specify many different wrappings at different prices and add a ticket. Download the application from the WebStore and check out the new features, free for all SOTESHOP 8 stores.

Wrap as a Gift

Wrap as a Gift

When customers make purchases, they often take advantage of the option to wrap the product as a gift, especially if the order is sent directly to the recipient. The closer to the holidays, the more often this option comes in handy. It is worth highlighting the information about the possibility of wrapping and encouraging customers to shop.

A gift from SOTE. Download the store add-on for free.

Download: Wrap as a Gift

Selected products

When the customer places an order, they can easily select which products should be wrapped. For each product, the wrapping price is calculated separately taking into account the number of items ordered. If the seller does not want all products to be wrapped, they can mark them appropriately in the store panel (wrapping is a special product in the store).

Different wrappings, more profit

The "Wrap as a Gift" application allows you to define several different wrappings to choose from. This way you can offer customers several different wrapping options at different prices, e.g. basic, premium, vip, etc. Additional options mean additional profit for the store and value for the customer.

How to add a product wrapping option to the store?

Check the documentation and find out how to configure the SOTESHOP online store to add the option of wrapping products as a gift in the basket.

Wrap as a Gift - documentation

Google reviews

The "Wrap for a Gift" application is free for all stores in the SOTESHOP 8 version. The application is not only free, but we also offer technical support for it, just like for all other applications from WebStore, regardless of whether they are paid or free.

If you are satisfied with our work, it would be very nice of you to spend a few minutes adding a Google review about our company. This will be a valuable gift for our team and motivation to add more free solutions.

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