Pocztex 2.0 - Update of Integration with Polish Post in SOTESHOP Online Store


An update of the SOTESHOP integration with Poczta Polska has been released. We have added the possibility to use the new Pocztex 2.0 service. The previously used services will be disabled by Poczta Polska.

Poczta Polska Pocztex 2.0

What does the integration with Poczta Polska enable?

The SOTESHOP integration with Poczta Polska enables convenient sending of shipments from the store. The store automatically connects to the Electronic Sender of Poczta Polska, thanks to which it is possible to register shipments and generate sender documents and labels electronically.

See the SOTESHOP documentation: Poczta Polska

Pocztex 2.0

The new service is available in 2 variants: Pocztex 2.0 Courier and Pocztex 2.0 for today. The service includes delivery by courier or delivery of the shipment to one of 17,000 collection points. The map also allows customers of the store to choose postal machines.

How to use the new service?

To use the Poczta Polska service through the store panel, you must have an account in the Electronic Sender of Poczta Polska system. To set up such an account and sign a contract with Poczta Polska, you must fill out the form:

Electronic Sender - Poczta Polska

The existing Pocztex Kurier 24 and Pocztex Kurier 48 services will be withdrawn by Poczta Polska, which has announced their deactivation. Stores that currently use these services should contact the Poczta Polska Sales Office in order to annex the contract and exchange the old service for Pocztex 2.0.

We encourage you to make the change of contract with Poczta and update the store quickly, so that it is possible to send shipments without interruption.

Store update

If you no longer have access to the update, take advantage of the new offer and individual discount.

Updates and technical support are currently offered in the form of subscription plans. As part of this service, we also provide an update to version 8. For each of our existing customers, we have prepared an individual discount.

Choose the new SOTESHOP service with an individual discount.

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