The new service "SOTESHOP 8 Start Online Store" is now available from 45 PLN per month, including hosting and domain.


We have added a new SOTESHOP 8 Start service. It includes not only an online store, but also hosting and a free domain. It is intended for companies starting their business on the internet, but it is also available to our regular customers who want to open another online store.

Ready online store SOTESHOP Start

Check out the new version of the SOTESHOP Start store



The SOTESHOP Start store, like other versions, is offered in a subscription. It includes everything you need to run a store. It corresponds to the SOTESHOP 8 Standard version with a few differences. See a comparison of all SOTESHOP 8 store versions.

Store version comparison

How much does an SOTESHOP Start online store cost?

The SOTESHOP Start online store costs 45 PLN net per month or 450 PLN per year. The price includes hosting and a domain. The prices given apply for the first year of running the store. After a year, when the extension is not mandatory, the service is changed to SOTESHOP Start and SOTE Hosting. Of course, you can also choose a subscription for the SOTESHOP PRO and VIP versions.

Subscription costs for the store for 2 years for the SOTESHOP Start and Standard versions:

  • SOTESHOP Start - 1 year
    • 45 PLN net per month (450 PLN per year) with hosting
  • SOTESHOP Standard - 2 year
    • 90 PLN net per month (900 PLN per year) without hosting
    • 145 PLN net per month (1450 PLN per year) with hosting

SOTESHOP Start - questions and answers.

Does the service include store installation? Yes. The store in the SOTESHOP Start service is together with hosting and installation.

What is the address of my store?At the beginning, the store is installed at the address along with an SSL certificate. You can change this address to any domain. If you want to set up a store under your own domain, check out the service: Domain Registration. It is also possible to transfer a previously registered domain to SOTE servers.

Do I need an SSL certificate for my own domain? Yes. An SSL certificate must be purchased for each own domain. Only certificates purchased in SOTE can be connected to the SOTESHOP Start service. Check out the service: SSL Certificate

Can I set up a SOTESHOP Start store as a second store? Yes. You can set up any number of SOTESHOP stores in different versions, including the Start version.

Can I change a SOTESHOP Standard store to Start? SOTESHOP Start only applies to new stores. You cannot change the SOTESHOP Standard, Pro or VIP service to the Start service.

Can I purchase the service for only 1 month? Yes. You can purchase the service for one month or several months, without any commitments. The service is active for the period for which it has been paid. There is no obligation to extend the service.

Can I install the store on my own server? The store in the SOTESHOP Start version is installed on the SOTE server and there is no possibility of installation on your own server. Stores in Standard, PRO, VIP versions can be installed on your own server.

Can I change the store version during the service period? Yes. When changing the subscription to a higher one, the amount proportional to the used period of the current service is deducted from the price of the higher subscription.

Check out the new version of the SOTESHOP Start store


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