Recommended products, accessories and similar products generated by SOTE AI PRO


We have great news for our customers that completely changes the game and takes the use of artificial intelligence in the store to a whole new level. We have introduced a new service, SOTE AI PRO, which not only generates product descriptions, categories, manufacturers, creates blog posts with photos or translates HTML pages, but also provides suggestions for accessories, recommended products and similar products generated by artificial intelligence. The new technology also offers a different dimension of SEO and a huge advantage over the competition.


Order SOTE AI Standard or PRO and use artificial intelligence to run your online store.


SOTE AI Standard vs PRO

The SOTE AI Standard service is designed for all stores that want to optimize their work on the store and generate content based on general knowledge of artificial intelligence OpenAI (Chat GPT).The SOTE AI PRO service is aimed at online stores looking for advanced AI solutions to optimize their offerings and improve sales results. Unlike the standard service, the PRO version is not only based on general OpenAI knowledge (Chat GPT), but also collects and analyzes AI data from the store in real time.

Watch the video and see how to generate suggested accessories, recommended products, and similar ones using SOTE AI PRO.

What's new in SOTE AI PRO?

Below is a list of new advanced features in SOTE AI PRO that have been added in the update to version SOTESHOP 8.2.7.

  • Products
    • Generating suggested product accessories + AI search.
    • Generating suggested recommended products + AI search.
    • AI search for similar products.
  • Blog
    • AI search for recommended products for a blog post.
  • Exporting store data to SOTE AI.
    • Automatic offer update through Task Scheduler.
    • Automatic data update on the SOTE AI server after changing the offer (export).
  • Real-time AI offer analysis
    • Real-time analysis of the store's offer and returning AI results based on actual store data.

SOTE AI PRO Technology and a Big Step into the Future

The new advanced features of SOTE AI are mainly based on a unique AI system created by the SOTE team, the latest OpenAI solutions, a large amount of mathematics, and a touch of magic;)

To generate results, the system retrieves data from the entire store's offer and processes it. The process of generating and analyzing data requires immense computing power and specialized software, but our clients don't have to worry about it. SOTE provides all the infrastructure for the system to function as part of the SOTE AI PRO service, and in the store, results can be generated with just one click.

How to Activate Advanced SOTE AI PRO Features?

If you are not yet using SOTE AI, see how to activate artificial intelligence features in the SOTESHOP online store.

Export and Processing of AI Data

To activate the new advanced features of SOTE AI PRO, you must first export the offer data to the SOTE AI server. Then the SOTE AI system will process the data - this process can take from 15 minutes to several hours - and activate the new features in the store. The appropriate information will appear in the export status and in the form of notifications in the panel. Data export is available in the SOTE AI application, in the "Export data to SOTE AI" section.

AI Accessories

Once the AI data is prepared, we can go to the product page and select the SOTE AI option under the "Accessories" field. After clicking, suggested accessory names will appear, which we can then search for using AI in the appropriate store category. These suggestions can also be used to expand the store's offer.

Searching for products through AI generates results directly related to products from the store, making it easy to add them to the list of accessories for a given product.

AI Recommended Products

Similarly to accessories, we can generate suggested AI recommended products.

In the store, by default, if we do not specify any recommended products, other products from the same category will appear. If we use data generated by SOTE AI, we can disable this option by selecting: Products > Presentation and unchecking "Generate recommended products based on category".

Similar Products

We have added a new option "Similar Products". They can be added manually or we can use SOTE AI PRO to generate the appropriate results. The added products will automatically appear on the product page. Unlike "Accessories" or "Recommended Products", we do not have to enter any data manually - just click "Generate data from SOTE AI" and the system will return AI search results with similar products.

If we want to search for products in a different category or use our own search phrase, we just need to enter the appropriate information in the form. In case of entering our own data, AI search ignores information about the current product and returns results that match our query.

Products recommended on the blog

On the blog, we can search for products recommended by SOTE AI PRO, similar to the products recommended in the product. All we have to do is choose the appropriate category and enter what we are looking for.

AI search

AI search uses natural language and we can enter a query in the style of "Guitar for beginners" or a general category of products we are looking for. If we enter the product name in a different way than it is listed in the store or ask about a similar product, the system will mostly find the appropriate results or suggest similar ones.

SEO Booster with AI

One of the key elements of good SEO is proper internal linking. Higher positions are achieved not by individual pages, but by their entire network of connections. The value of each page for a given topic has a real impact on the page it links to. Using AI to select similar products, recommendations, or accessories is a very good method for creating strong internal links and increasing the value of the product page. In addition, better connections and more accurate suggestions lead to longer customer time on the site, which is one of the most important elements of SEO and positioning.

Take advantage of the new SOTE AI features to improve your SEO and better position your store. If you are using a marketing agency to handle the positioning of your store, send them information about the new tools to fully utilize the potential of AI in positioning your store.


Using artificial intelligence in your store brings great benefits and allows you to quickly gain an advantage over the competition. This is especially true if the AI system generates data based directly on our offer. Such results are more precise than using general knowledge from OpenAI (Chat GPT). The advantage over the competition can be even greater when considering that the SOTE AI Standard and SOTE AI PRO services offer features that are not available on other e-commerce platforms and are unique not only in the Polish market.However, it is important to remember that artificial intelligence can make mistakes and it is worth checking the returned results and important information. Nothing can replace the knowledge and experience of a salesperson, but using AI in work brings huge benefits and makes working on the store faster, easier, and more effective.

Order SOTE AI Standard or PRO and use artificial intelligence to manage your online store.


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