OpenAI introduces the Prepaid system for generating AI content


The SOTE AI service, which generates content using artificial intelligence, uses the OpenAI system, which introduces a prepaid billing system. This is an important change and both existing OpenAI accounts and new ones need to adjust to ensure proper integration between OpenAI and SOTE AI.

OpenAI prepaid

OpenAI Announcement Regarding Prepaid System

"We have updated the billing system for your OpenAI API account. Instead of receiving an invoice at the end of the month, you will now need to purchase credits in advance to use the API. You can add credits to your account by visiting the billing page. To learn more about prepaid payments, please refer to this article in the help center: OpenAI Prepaid. This change only applies to your OpenAI API and Playground accounts. It does not affect ChatGPT Plus subscriptions."

Top up your OpenAI account

If you are already using the SOTE AI service, go to the OpenAI billing system and add funds, for example 10 USD. The minimum value is 5 USD, the maximum (as of 2024-02-21) is 50-500 USD, but this value will be updated and may be different for different OpenAI accounts. If you are creating a new OpenAI account, add funds after creating the account.

Generate images and AI descriptions without limits

With the SOTE AI service, you can generate images and descriptions without limits whenever you want. You can generate multiple versions and choose the best generated data. Additionally, you can use SOTE AI for free up to 100 times to test how artificial intelligence features work in the SOTESHOP online store.

Order SOTE AI and activate the artificial intelligence system in your store.


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