New features of SOTE AI. Category description generation, new translations and AI positioning.


We have introduced new functionalities to our SOTE AI system, which is integrated with SOTESHOP. Thanks to these changes, it is now possible to generate category descriptions, translate new elements of the store, and create meta descriptions for positioning purposes using AI. We encourage you to activate SOTE AI to fully utilize the potential of artificial intelligence in your daily work, which will contribute to time and cost savings.

SOTE AI - categories, translations, SEO

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Category descriptions with AI

On category pages in SOTESHOP, you can add a short text that describes the products in a given department. This text is used not only as information for customers, but also has a significant impact on SEO. Managing this element affects the positioning of category pages.

However, there is a problem:

  • How should the text be written?
  • What information should be included?
  • How long should the text be?
  • How to write it for SEO and positioning?
  • How to find time for this task?

SOTE AI comes to the rescue. This system automatically retrieves categories from the store, analyzes them, and within a few seconds creates a category description. This description will be optimized for SEO, taking into account the actual categories of the store and will have the appropriate length of text. With SOTE AI, it is also possible to translate it into English or any other language available in SOTESHOP.

Watch the video and learn how to generate a category description with SOTE AI.

Meta Tags, AI Positioning

Websites, in addition to content, contain special meta tags that include title, description, and keywords. They used to be crucial for positioning and were often abused. Currently, they provide additional information for search engines and can be used to generate a shortened description of the page in search engines. This description has a real impact on the number of clicks, so it is still good practice to prepare meta tag descriptions.

SOTE AI in the positioning section analyzes product data and based on them generates a title, description, and keywords describing a given page. AI-generated meta tags are available for modules:

  • Products
  • Blog
  • Categories
  • Manufacturers

Watch the video and learn how to generate product meta tags using SOTE AI.

AI Translations

So far, SOTESHOP has had SOTE AI translations available for products and blog. Now, new translation features have been added and are available in modules:

  • Products
  • Blog
  • Categories
  • Manufacturers
  • Banners
  • Product groups
  • Web pages
  • Order statuses
  • Deliveries

More translation elements will be added soon in updates.


New features introduced to the SOTE AI system integrated with SOTESHOP are a significant step forward in utilizing artificial intelligence in e-commerce. Automatic generation of category descriptions, translation of store elements, and creation of meta descriptions for SEO are functions that not only make the work of sellers easier, but also contribute to time and cost savings. As a result, SOTE AI becomes an even more versatile tool, supporting online stores in efficient content management and search engine optimization. We encourage you to activate and utilize the full potential of this technology in your daily work.

Order SOTE AI and activate the artificial intelligence system in your store.


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