SOTESHOP 8.2.5 Online Store


A new version of the SOTESHOP 8.2.5 online store has been released. Since the last update, we have implemented a total of 57 improvements, including an updated integration with Allegro, integration with the SOTE AI artificial intelligence system, which allows for generating descriptions, data, and translations using AI, additional features related to product interest, updated Ceneo integration, and many more.

SOTESHOP 8.2.5 Online Store

Changes in SOTESHOP 8.2.5 version

  1. New SOTE AI module: SOTE AI is a tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate descriptions and translations.
  2. Allegro: Adaptation of integration to changes in Allegro API from January 1, 2024.
  3. DPD and DPD Pickup:
    • Fixed display of DPD Pickup map when CSP is enabled,
    • Fixed field name for "Pickup point key".
  4. Inpost Courier: Fixed delivery address retrieval.
  5. Ristorante Theme: Updated mechanism for changing the order of elements on the homepage.
  6. Recurring import - Fixed markup calculation for category.
  7. Elegante Theme: Fixed display of Add to Cart button.
  8. Inpost: Fix for error when entering the InPost package list with a deleted order.
  9. Recently viewed and watched products: New features in the store's standard.
  10. Countries and Availability: Corrections to the default list of countries and English availability values.
  11. Autopay payments: Changing the name of the Blue Media payment to Autopay.
  12. Watch theme: Corrections to changing the background color for the mobile version.
  13. Criteo integration: Loading scripts only after user consent.
  14. Products: Fix for trimming product names and descriptions for product groups on the homepage.
  15. Discounts: Fix for displaying discounts in the cart for the mobile version.
  16. Recurring import: Fix for error when importing a product without a category.
  17. WebAPI: Fix for validation when adding images for the stProduct::AddProductImage method.
  18. Compatibility module: Added the ability to load scripts after consent is given.
  19. Product options: Corrections to the product ordering mechanism with options.
  20. Language versions: Updates to translations for the Spanish version of the store.
  21. Inpost courier: Corrections to passing the order address to Inpost.
  22. Task Scheduler: Added the option to block parallel task execution, which helps reduce server load.
  23. Lazuli theme: Changed the default background in the Lazuli theme.
  24. Last viewed and watched products: Fix for closing the sidebar in the mobile version.
  25. Polish Post: Improvements for sending packages for pickup at a point.
  26. Autopay payment: Fix for calculating the Hash string.
  27. Climb theme: Added display of manufacturer banners.
  28. Themes:
    • Fix for displaying the favorite icon on the product image on the product card,
    • Change in the order of displaying elements on the product card: Attributes are shown before reviews.
  29. Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Ads Remarketing and Conversion: Changes to Google scripts regarding consents (consent mode).
  30. Ceneo: New Trusted Reviews Ceneo script.
  31. Last reviews: Added text link "Show more reviews".
  32. Store panel: Improvements to the English translation of the administrative panel.
  33. Themes: New Piccante theme has been added to the standard software.
  34. Discount groups, product groups: Added manufacturer filters to the mechanism for assigning products to a group.
  35. Compatibility module: Update of the cookie policy bar to meet Google's informational requirements.
  36. Watch theme: Elimination of the "Add to cart" button being cut off in the "New" group.
  37. SOTESHOP recurring import: Fix for importing product options.
  38. Task schedule: Fixing the schedule loop in case of incorrect task completion.
  39. Facebook API Conversion and Facebook Pixel: Fixes for loading FB event scripts.
  40. Youtube: Changing the call for videos on the product tab to the standard embed recommended by Google.
  41. Recurring import/export for SOTESHOP: Fixes for exporting offers from the store.
  42. Passo theme: Fixes for displaying the store header.
  43. Themes: Fix for hgroup headers in the store code.
  44. Guarantee and trust: Displaying guarantee and trust on the product tab, only when the cart is displayed.
  45. WebAPI: Fix for sorting products in the order for the stOrder::GetOrderProductList method.
  46. Facebook Pixel: Fix for the functioning of the consent system for Facebook.
  47. Cutlery8 theme: Adding the option to change the store background.
  48. Last reviews: Fixes for displaying reviews with special characters.
  49. Przelewy24: Fixes for saving configuration and displaying payments in the store.
  50. Product options: Fixes for entering options and option template for the product.
  51. Language versions: Fix for entering language definitions in phrase editing.
  52. Export to SOTESHOP XML: Fixes for exporting products and product attributes.
  53. Products: Number of sold products on the product tab.
  54. Products: Showing the number of people interested in the product in a specified time.
  55. Compatibility module: Changing the default appearance of the cookie bar.
  56. Autopay: Improvements to the appearance of payment types / logos.
  57. InPost parcel lockers: Fix in the panel for sending a parcel for the "POP Shipment" type.


Updates are available as standard for all SOTESHOP 8 stores with SOTESHOP Start, Standard, PRO or VIP subscription services. Check the store update documentation: Update documentation

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