How to create a good product description with AI in an online store?


Creating a good product description can be much easier if we use artificial intelligence (AI). In this article, you will learn how to prepare a good description using AI, with correct language, taking into account SEO support and product parameters, including specialized ones. The most important element of working with AI is understanding what this system can do and its limitations, and how to use its strengths to make our work much easier.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in an online store

Order SOTE AI and activate the artificial intelligence system in your store.


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Will AI be useful to me, or is it already?

Many people wonder if it is already the time to use artificial intelligence in their work. The answer is simple: yes.

Understanding the answer to this one simple question can forever change our approach to our work. We can assign AI tasks that were previously too time-consuming, unattainable, or expensive.

See the AIPRM report on AI market growth forecast: AI Report

GPT Chat

The easiest way to start working with AI is to use GPT Chat. Simply create a free account on the website and you can immediately start using AI. GPT Chat will answer our questions, check or translate text, write product descriptions, solve math problems, etc. The possibilities are practically endless.

The best instruction for using Chat GPT is practice and fun. However, it is important to remember that artificial intelligence systems, such as Chat GPT, may return inaccurate results. Do not be discouraged by this, as the benefits of using AI in work are enormous, and we can hope that our competition will think the same, assuming it is not yet time;)

7 tips for generating a product description with AI

A list of 7 practical tips for generating a good product description with AI (Chat GPT), which will most likely contain correct data and useful information.

  1. Choose the appropriate query template for Chat GPT (you can use the query from this article and modify it).
  2. Enter a descriptive product name. Instead of "Yamaha Revstar 502T", use something like "Yamaha Revstar 502T Electric Guitar".
  3. Try not to use texts in different languages (if possible).
  4. Separate the data from the query by adding it in triple apostrophes: ''' data '''
  5. Add product parameters, preferably one parameter per line.
  6. Always read and check the generated description.
  7. Generate several descriptions and choose the best elements.

Creating a product description with Chat GPT

The easiest way to create a description is to use Chat GPT. Simply add a query (also known as a prompt) describing it, for example:

  • Gitara elektryczna - nie jest to wyjątkowa gitara dla wszystkich muzyków, ponieważ nie każdy muzyk gra na gitarze elektrycznej.
  • Yamaha Revstar Bowden Green 502T - nie jest to jedyna gitara elektryczna na rynku, więc nie można stwierdzić, że jest wyjątkowa.
  • Jednakże, chat GPT jest w stanie wygenerować opis produktu na podstawie dostarczonych danych, co może być pomocne dla osób, które nie znają się na instrumentach muzycznych. W opisie można znaleźć informacje o marce, modelu i kolorze gitary, co może być przydatne dla potencjalnych klientów.


    Write a medium-length product description for an online store for a product with the given parameters. List the parameters and benefits based on the provided data. Divide into description sections. Product data: '''Yamaha Revstar Bowden Green 502T Electric Guitar. Description: Exceptional guitar for all musicians.'''

    Description created based on the above query to Chat GPT.

    Product description - chat gpt.

    By executing the same query multiple times, we will receive different results each time.

    The use of ''' text ''' in the description is not accidental. The content within them constitutes the product description. This is a distinction between instructions and data. Without this, AI will also generate a description, but using these separators is a good practice and generates better results.

    Accuracy of information

    Chat GPT does not always provide accurate information and can fill in missing elements with a certain probability. Just like we do. If someone asks a few random people: "What does a car look like?" - everyone will answer differently. The key to a good answer is the amount of information provided. The more data we provide, the more accurate the answer will be.

    While reviewing the above description, we can find some inaccurate elements, such as:


    • Electric guitar - it is not an exceptional guitar for all musicians, as not every musician plays electric guitar.
    • Yamaha Revstar Bowden Green 502T - it is not the only electric guitar on the market, so it cannot be stated that it is exceptional.

    However, Chat GPT is able to generate a product description based on the provided data, which can be helpful for people who are not familiar with musical instruments. The description includes information about the brand, model, and color of the guitar, which can be useful for potential customers.

    The Yamaha Revstar 502T Bowden Green guitar is a perfect choice for any musician looking for a high-quality instrument with a unique design. This guitar features a 24 3/4" (628.6mm) scale length, making it comfortable to play for both beginners and experienced players. The neck is made of mahogany, providing a warm and rich tone, while the rosewood fretboard adds a touch of elegance to the overall look of the guitar.

    The 13 3/4" (350mm) radius of the neck allows for easy and smooth playing, making it ideal for any style of music. The set-in construction of the guitar ensures excellent sustain and resonance, while the 22 jumbo frets provide a comfortable playing experience. The body of the guitar is made of maple with a mahogany back, giving it a beautiful and unique appearance.

    The die-cast tuners of the Yamaha Revstar 502T Bowden Green guitar ensure precise and stable tuning, so you can focus on your performance without worrying about your instrument. The adjustable wraparound bridge allows for easy intonation adjustments, ensuring that your guitar stays in tune no matter how much you play.

    This guitar is equipped with two pickups: the VP5+ at the bridge and the Vintage output P-90 at the neck. The 3-way pickup selector switch allows you to easily switch between the two pickups, giving you a wide range of tonal options. The master volume and tone controls, with a push-pull function, allow for even more tonal versatility. The dry switch adds a unique feature to this guitar, allowing you to cut the lows and mids for a more focused and punchy sound.

    In summary, the Yamaha Revstar 502T Bowden Green guitar is a versatile and high-quality instrument that offers a unique design and a wide range of tonal options. With its comfortable playability and excellent sound, this guitar is a great choice for any musician. So why wait? Get your hands on this amazing guitar and take your playing to the next level!

    - Adjustable Wraparound Bridge
    - Two pickups: VP5+ (bridge) and Vintage output P-90 (neck)
    - 3-position pickup selector
    - Controls: Master Volume, Master Tone (with Push-Pull function), Dry Switch'''

    Description created based on the above query to Chat GPT.

    Chat GPT - product description

    Let's check the parameters that were previously incorrect.

    • Fingerboard: Rosewood (Correct)
    • Electronics: 3-position pickup selector, controls: Master Volume, Master Tone (with Push-Pull function), Dry Switch (Correct)

    In both cases, the data is correct and was taken from the information provided by us. That's why it's so important to provide the parameters of the described product. If we don't provide them, we can still create a description and see what elements will be generated, look for inspiration.

    Automation of data generation with SOTE AI

    Creating descriptions with Chat GPT is quite time-consuming and requires copying, editing many information and adding HTML formatting.

    Do you have higher requirements, do you want to do it more conveniently and faster?

    • It would be ideal if the system automatically retrieved product data, matched the query, and allowed for editing additional data.
      • The whole should be generated with one click and automatically saved on the product card.
      • There should be the possibility to overwrite the product description or add content to an existing one.
      • Even better, there should be several options for generating descriptions, and the results should be saved in HTML format compatible with the store's description.
      • In addition, there should be SEO support and language correctness of the text.
      • Finally, when the description is ready, let AI translate it into English, German, French, and Spanish within a few seconds.
      • And let it also write a shortened description and a search description.
      • It's best to have everything together!

      Does it sound beautiful?

      This is how SOTE AI works. It will do all these tasks for you with just one click.

      Watch a short video on how to activate SOTE AI in the SOTESHOP online store and speed up the generation of descriptions with AI. The rules for creating a description are the same as in the case of the GPT Chat, only here everything is at your fingertips, with just one click.


      Artificial intelligence has been with us for many years. Thanks to Chat GPT and OpenAI, we can now use it in our daily work to make it easier. It's worth taking a few moments to learn how it works and harness its enormous potential.

      Order SOTE AI and activate the artificial intelligence system in your store.

      Order SOTE AI

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