AI Translations Up to 97% Cheaper. Product Descriptions and Categories.


We have introduced an innovative service for translating product descriptions, categories and texts based on the OpenAI artificial intelligence system, which is also the basis for Chat GPT. Translations are currently available in 12 languages supported in SOTESHOP, but new ones can also be added. The cost of AI translations is 97% lower than standard translation, plus very short delivery time. It is worth using AI to work for us.

AI Translations

High Quality OpenAI and Chat GPT Translations

OpenAI and Chat GPT translations use sophisticated language models built on huge amounts of data, resulting in high-quality translations. The AI translation system is able to recognize context, take into account language nuances and provide very precise translations. Plus, they work very quickly and are constantly being improved.

How much does AI translation cost?

The minimum cost of translation from Polish to English by a translator for 1 page is usually around: 40 PLN net. This applies to 1800 characters with spaces (sometimes the number of characters is smaller, e.g. 1600). In addition, a minimum of 10 PLN net must be added for entering data in HTML. This gives a total of 50 PLN net for 1 page. Taking into account that we have adopted 2500 characters per page for AI translations, this price will be: 69 PLN per page.In the previous news, we estimated the costs of translations, now we take into account detailed data taking into account the actual parameters of translations.

These are minimum costs and they can be much higher in reality if, for example, we choose a language other than English, the prices can be around 70-80 PLN per page for 1800 characters (96.60-110.40 PLN for 2500 characters). Additionally, if we are in a hurry, there is an additional fee for express execution of about 20%. So the cost for 2500 characters will range from 115.92 PLN to even 132.48 PLN net per page.

For comparison, the cost of translation with AI is only 3 PLN net for 2500 characters and this price includes data entry, and the time of execution is many times shorter than express execution of standard translation. In AI translations, we have taken 2500 characters as 1 page. This gives an average of 39% more translated text than translation agencies offer. If the AI price was converted to the amount of text in traditional translation, it would amount to 2 PLN 17 gr for 1800 characters.

Translation with AI is over 97% cheaper. Below is a comparison of the price for traditional translation (minimum price and example) and AI (fixed price).

Description of the comparison (net prices):

  • Translation 1 - traditional translation - minimum price for English + data entry, express service: 115.92 PLN / 2500 characters
  • Translation 2 - traditional translation - sample average price for any language + data entry, express service: 132.48 / 2500 characters
  • Translation with AI - translation with artificial intelligence AI - price for any language + data entry, express service: 3 PLN / 2500 characters
  500 pages 1000 pages 5000 pages 10000 pages
Translation 1 57 960 PLN 115 920 PLN 579 600 PLN 1 159 200 PLN
Translation 2 66 240 PLN 132 480 PLN 662 400 PLN 1 324 800 PLN
Translation with AI 1500 PLN 3000 PLN 15 000 PLN 30 000 PLN

Product Descriptions and HTML

If you have an HTML description with pictures, tables, etc., our translation system will keep it. This way, both the Polish version and the translated version will look good (98% accuracy of reproduction). In the case of HTML translations, the number of characters is counted together with the HTML code.

Description Length

Usually, automatic translations using Open AI have a length limit, but this does not apply to our offer. Our system has been designed to translate both texts with 500 characters and 50000. There is no upper limit.

Translation Languages

We also perform automatic translations into other languages. We make translations from and to the following languages:

  1. Polish
  2. English
  3. Czech
  4. German
  5. Spanish
  6. French
  7. Italian
  8. Portuguese
  9. Slovak
  10. Norwegian
  11. Chinese
  12. Ukrainian

It is possible to add a translation into a language not listed. To find out if this is possible, please write to: We can both add a new language version to the store and translate the offer.

Example of translation with AI

We invite you to see how Open AI translation works on the example of our website in English version The translations on this page, together with 2500 pages of text, were made thanks to Open AI.

Translation of the store offer using artificial intelligence (AI).

Order AI translations

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