Important Change in Google Analytics (GA4) from July 1, 2023. Adjust the Configuration in Your Store.


Starting from July 1, 2023, Google is introducing significant changes to the Universal Analytics service. The current standard services in Universal Analytics will stop processing new data. Therefore, we strongly recommend switching to Google Analytics 4 and setting up the appropriate configuration in your online store as soon as possible.

GA4 change from 11 July 2023

What does the change to GA4 mean?

If you don't have a service set up in GA4 yet, Google will automatically create one for you. The new service will be configured based on the settings of your current service in Universal Analytics. If you already have a service set up in GA4 that is linked to a service in Universal Analytics, Google will copy all the unfinished configuration settings, such as goals and audiences, unless you decide to opt out. Get ready for these changes to avoid any interruptions in monitoring and analyzing data!

Google Analytics Message

If you are using Universal Analytics, after logging in, you will see information about the update. The message contains a link to additional instructions and a current countdown to the change. Don't leave the update to the last minute!

ga4 - counter

GA4 - message

Universal Analytics Data After July 1, 2023

After July 1, 2023, you will still have access to data in Universal Analytics services for at least 6 months, but after that date they will no longer be processed and no new data will be collected. Some services may still work, but switching to Google Analytics 4 is required as soon as possible.

Google Adwords

Google Analytics 4 is also required for proper functioning of Google AdWords and many other services. It is important to verify the connection between Google Analytics and Google AdWords after changes.

Updating GA4 in SOTESHOP

The SOTESHOP online store is constantly updated to ensure compatibility with Google Analytics. The latest update came out a few days ago. Just update the store and make sure we are using the GA4 version.

More information in the article: Activate GA4 now and maintain data continuity.
Information on the Google page: Google - Withdrawal of Universal Analytics

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