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A new version of SOTESHOP 8.1.9 has been released. Since the last update, we have introduced a total of 20 improvements, including changes in product options, Allegro, displaying active store users in the panel and many others. From version 8.1.9, the following payments have been withdrawn for new stores: CashBill, InBank, PayByNet, Payeezy.

Sklep internetowy SOTESHOP 8.1.9

List of changes in SOTESHOP 8.1.9 version

  1. Customer monitoring: New widget in the panel showing the number of entries to the store in the last 30 minutes.
  2. InBank: Payment status update fix in the panel.
  3. Wordpress: Added support for blog table prefix.
  4. Poczta Polska: Support for the event when the remembered pickup point in the browser has a cash on delivery service, but in the postal system this point has changed to non-cash on delivery.
  5. Reviews: Fixes for automatic sending of product review requests after ordering.
  6. Products: Cutting HTML code before presenting the description on the main page.
  7. Easter: Fixes for enabling/disabling the module and displaying the greeting text.
  8. Recurring import: Fix for updating product availability when the "Withdrawn products" option from the offer is set to "Deactivate".
  9. Deliveries: Possibility to disable the package on weekends: The fix adds an additional field called Availability to the section allowing selection of From - To (day and hour of service availability).
  10. Allegro: Adding the required "language" field for offers from May 9.
  11. Allegro: Sending offer photos in binary format.
  12. Orders: Fixes for delivery amounts for different currencies.
  13. Product groups: Fix for changing the type of product group in the panel edition.
  14. Allegro: Removing unnecessary creation of a customer account for imported orders.
  15. Wholesalers: New integration with the Hendi wholesaler - offering products for gastronomy.
  16. Payments: Withdrawal for new stores payments: CashBill, InBank, PayByNet, Payeezy.
  17. Product options: Adding a required selection of options in the configuration.
  18. Product options: Marking inactive options.
  19. Parcel lockers, InPost Courier: Fixes for removing the shipment from the order and fix related to transferring the insurance amount.
  20. Polish Post: Amendment related to defining the collection point.

Payment withdrawal: CashBill, InBank, PayByNet, Payeezy.

Starting from SOTESHOP 8.1.9, the payments: CashBill, InBank, PayByNet, Payeezy have been withdrawn for new stores. This means that when installing a new store, these payments will no longer be available.


Updates are standard for all SOTESHOP 8 stores with SOTESHOP Start, Standard, PRO or VIP subscription services. Check the store update documentation: Store Update Documentation

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