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In every store, a new version of the cookie bar should appear, which allows for the consent to store and change data. By updating the store to the latest version, the updated version of the cookie bar will automatically appear on the page. Now we have additionally added three versions of the bar, so that everyone can customize it to their needs.

Pasek cookies wersje

What is a cookie bar?

"A cookie bar is an interactive element placed on websites that informs users about the use of cookies while browsing the website. Cookies are data stored on the user's device (such as a computer, tablet or smartphone) that allow for the personalization of content and the improvement of website functionality. The cookie bar usually contains a short information about cookies, their purpose and a request to consent to their use by clicking the "I agree" button or similar. In some cases, the user may have the option to choose specific types of cookies to accept or reject.

The introduction of the cookie bar is required by internet privacy regulations, including the GDPR." - Słownik e-commerce

Three versions of the cookie bar

The cookie bar can be displayed in several ways. Each of them has different applications, advantages and disadvantages. Below we present a description of the three versions of the bars available in the latest version of SOTESHOP.

Version 1 - small bar at the bottom of the page

This is the standard version of the bar, which was introduced in June 2022. Learn more from the article: Pliki cookies - nowe wymagania Google i RODO.


  • Takes up little space on the page.
  • Does not cover content.
  • Allows for navigation on the page.
  • More remaining customers. *)


  • Fewer visitors expressing consent.
  • Less data transmitted, e.g. to Google.

*) This applies only to people who leave/exit the page due to the cookie bar.

Recommendations: The store does not conduct intensive advertising campaigns or only uses remarketing. B2B sales.

Version 2 - larger bar at the bottom of the page

This is the standard version of the bar with a changed height. It covers part of the page to encourage customers to click on the cookie bar consent elements.

Cookie bar - version 2


  • More people expressing consent.
  • More data transmitted, e.g. to Google.
  • Allows navigation on the page.


  • Covers the bottom part of the page.
  • More people leaving the page. *)

Recommendations: Stores conducting intensive advertising campaigns. B2C stores.

Version 3 - window in the middle of the page

In this version, instead of the bar, an additional "window" appears in the middle of the page. In addition, the rest of the page is dimmed. The page can be used after clicking on the consent elements on the bar.

Cookie bar - version 3


  • More people expressing consent.
  • More data transmitted, e.g. to Google.


  • Covers the middle part of the page.
  • Blocks the operation of the page without clicking on the cookie elements.
  • More people leaving the page. *)

Recommendations: Stores for which the main source of traffic to the page is advertising campaigns.

Default consents disabled

In the current version of SOTESHOP, after installation, the default consents are disabled. It is possible to change these settings in the compliance module, but in the store update after May 1, 2023, this option will be withdrawn and consents will always be disabled by default, in accordance with the recommendations of, among others, Google. This information will be useful in particular for stores that advertise in Google and Facebook advertising networks.

Check the cookie configuration in the documentation: Compliance Module, Cookie Settings

What percentage of people leave the page due to the cookie bar?

There are various studies and reports on this subject, however the results are varied and depend on the methodology and research sample. According to some sources, the percentage of users who leave a website due to the appearance of a cookie bar may range from a few to a dozen percent, however there is no clear information regarding all websites. A good solution is to verify your own data e.g. from Google Analytics and the Bounce Rate parameter.

Good design and various versions of the cookie bar in SOTESHOP allow for minimizing the number of people leaving the page*, as each store can choose a solution tailored to its needs. Additionally, the consent expressed by the visitor is remembered for each client browser. Thanks to this, a returning customer does not have to click the consent again.

Requirements for the cookie bar

Below is a list of recommended and required cookie elements that we took into account when designing the cookie bar for SOTESHOP.

  • Must clearly inform about the collection of cookies.
  • Precisely define the purpose of the collected cookies, using simple, understandable language.
  • Have default unchecked fields or checkboxes conveying consent (excluding those absolutely necessary).
  • Link cookies and privacy policy.
  • Give the user the possibility to express consent for specific categories of cookies.
  • Give the user the possibility to change consent.
  • Systematically record the change of user consent assigned to the sites.
  • Appear in a visible place on the page.
  • Display information in the website language or the user's browser language (in the case of multilingual websites).
  • Provide a user-friendly layout optimized for different devices (mobile or desktop).
  • The cookie policy should have a date of last update.

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