Ukrainian Version of the SOTESHOP Online Store


We have added a Ukrainian language version to the SOTESHOP online store. It is not only a new version, but also a new system integrated with OpenAI artificial intelligence-based translations, which is the basis of Chat GPT. Thanks to this, you can easily enable the Ukrainian version and take advantage of automatic translations of the entire assortment.

Ukrainian version of online store

Ukrainian version means more customers for your store.

Online stores often look for new markets. In the case of the Ukrainian version, the matter is so simple that these customers largely live in Poland. There is no need to change the delivery system, just provide them with the possibility of using the online store, offering the possibility of using the Ukrainian version.

Currently, in shopping malls, every fifth customer is of Ukrainian nationality (according to article from 19.01.2023). Some of these customers would be just as eager to use online stores if the messages and descriptions were in their language. Activate the Ukrainian version and reach new recipients in Poland.

Additional SEO bonus

The new language version is also an additional SEO bonus and more content on the page. Thanks to this, you can position the store on more keywords in different languages, without the need to create descriptions manually and incur high costs.

How to activate the Ukrainian version in the store?

To enable the Ukrainian version, just update the store to the latest version and activate it in the language version application. See documentation: Language versions.

See an example store in the Ukrainian version: Demo of the Ukrainian version.Ukrainian version of the store

Translations with AI up to 96% cheaper. Only 2 PLN per page.

Enabling the Ukrainian version will change the language for all system texts, but that's not all. We can also translate the store's offer: products, categories.

Shop Offer Translation Using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Learn More.

Translations with AI

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