SOTE AI - Generating product descriptions, blog articles, and translations using artificial intelligence (AI)


After many months of work, we have prepared an innovative service for our clients - SOTE AI. It is a powerful tool that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to support running an online store. It is fully integrated with the SOTESHOP program, allowing you to generate product descriptions, blog posts, and translations directly from the store's panel. The service can be tested for free.

Order SOTE AI and activate the artificial intelligence system in your store.


What is SOTE AI?

SOTE AI is an additional service for online stores based on SOTESHOP. It includes advanced AI tools that support running an online store, fully integrated with the SOTESHOP program. It allows you to create product descriptions, blog posts, translations, and other elements using AI directly from the store's panel. It utilizes artificial intelligence mechanisms, including Chat GPT, and also contains unique AI solutions created by SOTE.

How to create a product description with AI?

Creating product descriptions is very easy and does not require specialized knowledge. The description can be generated with just one click.

  1. To begin, activate the SOTE AI service in the store panel.
  2. After activation, go to product editing and go to the product description field. A "SOTE AI" button will appear below the field.
  3. After clicking on it, a form for generating a description with AI will appear. Simply click "Generate data from SOTE AI" and after a moment we have a ready description that we can insert into the product. The description can be generated multiple times to find the best version. The AI system will create a new unique description for us each time.

Watch a short video showing how to generate a product description with SOTE AI.

AI Translations

If we want to translate, for example, a product description into another language, we follow the instructions below.

  1. In the panel, go to product editing.
  2. Change the editing language (in the upper right corner).
  3. A "AI Translations" button will appear next to the language version selection.
  4. Click on it and a form with fields to be translated will appear.
  5. Click "Translate with SOTE AI" and it's done. Just save the data and we have a ready translation.

How much does SOTE AI cost?

There is no limit to the amount of data generated in SOTE AI. You use it whenever you want and generate as much data as you need, throughout the year.

Up to 300 times cheaper than the competition!!!

SOTE AI is the best offer on the market, allowing for the generation of descriptions directly from the online store with translations. The difference between SOTE's offer and solutions from other companies is drastic.

Prices for generating 1000 product descriptions can range from 1000 to 5000 PLN with the competition, with SOTE AI it costs around 15 PLN. The price in SOTE is even 300 times lower!

The SOTE AI service is an annual service that allows for easy use of artificial intelligence in the store. The price of an annual subscription is 1000 PLN net. Learn more: SOTE AI Service

Why is generating data with SOTE AI so cheap?

The price for generating data from SOTE is due to the fact that SOTE does not mediate in payments for using OpenAI technology. The client makes the payment directly to OpenAI without any additional commission. Additionally, the client receives 18 USD for the first 3 months from OpenAI, which allows for generating up to 5000 descriptions for free (information as of 2023-11-08 - current promotions should be checked on the OpenAI website).

Generate product descriptions with AI for free

By activating the SOTE AI service in your store's panel, you will receive a gift from us. You can generate data from SOTE AI for free up to 100 times: product descriptions, blog content, and translations.

What is OpenAI?

OpenAI is a research organization focused on artificial intelligence (AI) that aims to create and promote friendly AI that will support humanity as a whole. They are known for developing advanced algorithms such as GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), which can generate text, answer questions, translate languages, and much more. Learn more:


Below is an example of a store using the SOTE AI service

See an example online store based on SOTESHOP from one of our clients, where product descriptions were created using artificial intelligence.


SOTE AI is an innovative tool that transforms the way of running an online store. Thanks to advanced artificial intelligence, generating product descriptions, translations, and blog content becomes much more efficient and cost-effective. Don't waste time on manual content writing - use SOTE AI and see how artificial intelligence can help you achieve online success.

Order SOTE AI and activate the artificial intelligence system in your store.


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