Recently viewed and watched products. New features in the standard.


We have added long-awaited new features to the SOTESHOP online store standard: recently viewed and watched products. Now customers can easily see previously visited products and add them to their watched/favorite list with just one click. These features are available in the standard in SOTESHOP 8 updates.

Recently viewed and watched products

User recognition

The release of new features is related to another update that was released a few months ago and is not visible at first glance. It is an advanced user recognition system. It allows for the creation of various personalized features for store visitors and offers them individual content.

Both features - recently viewed and watched products - work for both logged out and logged in customers. The system will also recognize logging in while browsing the offer and save the appropriate data, making the whole process transparent and intuitive for the user.

Recently viewed products

This function shows the recently viewed product pages by the customer. The data is saved automatically. The number of displayed products is defined in the store panel, by default 6 entries are shown.

Activation: Admin panel->Applications->Recently viewed products->Enable

Watched products

In addition to the recently viewed products, each of them can be added to the watched list. Simply click the heart icon on the list or product card. Similarly to the previous function, the amount of presented data is determined in the configuration.

Activation: Admin panel->Applications->Watched products->Enable

Example presentation

Watch a short video and see how the new functions work.

Online demo: See the new functions in the store


The "recently viewed products" and "watched products" functions in an online store bring many benefits for both store owners and customers.

Improving user experience

  • Navigation facilitation: Customers can easily return to products they previously viewed without having to search for them again.
  • Personalization: The customer feels that the store "remembers" their choices and interests, making the shopping experience more personalized.

Increase in sales and conversions

  • Incentive to purchase: Reminding customers of products they previously viewed or added to their watchlist may encourage them to make a purchase.
  • Shortening the purchase path: When a customer sees previously viewed products, it can shorten their decision-making process.

Incentive to return to the website

  • Return to shopping: A customer who returns to the store's website and sees previously viewed products may be more likely to complete their purchase.
  • Building loyalty: Regular reminders about watched products can encourage customers to visit the website more frequently.

Update and individual graphics

New features are available as a standard update for all SOTESHOP 8 stores. Changes in the color presentation of elements related to new features are also available in the graphics edition. We encourage you to update your store.

If you have individual graphics and the new features do not appear after enabling them in the store, please contact us at - we will provide a quote for updating the graphics to activate the new features.

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