DPD Pickup - store integration with deliveries, pick-up points and automatic shipment creation


We are pleased to announce the release of a new add-on for the SOTESHOP online store, which allows for integration with the DPD Pickup delivery system. The system allows for pick-up of shipments at DPD points, parcel lockers, and offers simple management and automation of the entire process. The add-on was created in cooperation with SOTE and DPD Poland.

DPD Pickup

How to integrate your store with DPD Pickup

To integrate your store with DPD Pickup, you need to download the add-on from the WebStore. For SOTESHOP PRO and VIP versions, it is free, just like other add-ons. The DPD - Integration of the store with deliveries add-on is also required for DPD Pickup to function properly.

Download the add-on for free as part of your SOTESHOP PRO or VIP subscription
or order it once.

DPD Pickup


The main functionalities of the DPD Pickup add-on include:

  • Automatic transfer of order data to delivery information.
  • Direct label generation from order.
  • Pasting the parcel number to the order.
  • Defining the size and weight of the parcel.
  • Possibility of sending multiple parcels in one order.
  • Filtering the list of parcels.
  • Creating parcels with cash on delivery and verifying cash on delivery payments at pick-up points.
  • "Saturday delivery" option.
  • Tracking the delivery status.
  • Goods transfer protocol.
  • Possibility of printing documents for multiple orders at once.
  • Compatibility with Allegro deliveries.
  • The add-on is fully compatible with the latest version of the SOTESHOP 8 online store. Installation of the application integrating with DPD courier is also required.

We encourage you to take advantage of the new functionality and streamline the shipping process in your online store.

DPD Pickup

DPD Pickup is an advanced service in the logistics industry, ensuring safe and efficient parcel delivery. By using over 24,000 *) pick-up points and parcel lockers, DPD Pickup guarantees a wide range of delivery options and the possibility of picking up parcels in convenient locations. An additional advantage is the ability to track the parcel status online, making DPD Pickup a reputable and trusted partner for online store sellers and their customers.

*) Information for 2023-10-10 - source www.dpd.com/pl/pl/dpd-pickup

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