Imports from wholesalers - configuring markups for categories and price ranges.


Integrations with wholesalers allow sellers to quickly add new products to their store. Products are added with descriptions, photos, and prices with a set markup. Now, this markup can also be set based on the category and order amount. The changes have been added to all standard integrations with WebStore wholesalers.

Markups for wholesalers in SOTESHOP

What is a markup?

"Markup - "the difference between the selling price and the purchase/production price of a product/good." This difference is expressed in monetary or percentage terms. It is important to remember not to confuse the terms markup and margin, as this can cause communication problems between entrepreneurs or within a company"

Changes to markups for wholesalers in SOTESHOP

Description of new features for importing from wholesalers in the SOTESHOP online store. The features are available in the latest store update.

Price ranges

Markup surcharges in cyclical imports allow for creating price ranges for which a specific multiplier should be applied. Thanks to this solution, imported products from distributors can have different surcharges depending on the base price. For each range, we can also set a fixed amount by which the base price of the product should be increased.

Surcharges by price

This solution expands the basic form of surcharges. This means that the base price is first increased by the basic surcharge and then processed by the surcharge table.

Surcharges by price

Individual surcharges in categories

If individual surcharges are set for categories in a given import, the surcharge table is not taken into account. This solution allows for full backward compatibility.

Surcharges in categories


Warehouse import updates are available as a standard for individual integrations with WebStore. Check the store update documentation: Store update documentation

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