How to set up an online wholesale store with SOTE?


As the e-commerce market and online stores develop, the demand for new products increases, and with it, the popularity of wholesalers. Find out how to set up an online wholesaler and offer your products to other companies in a B2B model.

How to set up an online wholesaler?

If you use the SOTESHOP online store, you can immediately start B2B sales for wholesale customers. The option to set up a wholesaler is available in SOTESHOP 8 for all store versions as standard. Just update the store to the latest version.

How to set up an online wholesaler?

The best way to set up an online wholesaler is to set up an online store and launch an additional B2B sales channel. It is worth using ready and tested solutions, thanks to which not only will you reduce the implementation costs, but also gain much greater possibilities of the program and the possibility of developing the store.

How much does the wholesaler software cost?

In the SOTESHOP online store, the option to set up a wholesaler is free of charge and is standard for all versions of the software. See: SOTESHOP Price List

Online store and wholesaler

If you use SOTESHOP software, you can easily launch an additional B2B sales channel and export offers to other stores in the store configuration. For wholesale customers (B2B), you can make the entire offer or selected products available. The export is integrated with the wholesale price system of the SOTESHOP online store.

See how to configure the store as a wholesaler in SOTESHOP: Wholesaler and export of productsIf you don't have a store yet, find out: How to open an online store?

XML File with Wholesale Offer

When we offer our products to other companies, not all of them use the same software. That's why wholesalers use one of the standardized methods of data exchange: an XML, CSV, or WebAPI offer file.

The most commonly used solution is to generate a file in XML format. It is generated by the store/wholesaler and made available to other stores. It contains product data such as: name, category, description, photos, price and many more. This data allows for easy addition of a product to any online store's offer.

In SOTESHOP such a file is generated automatically. See: Example description of the XML wholesaler file

SOTESHOP stores also have a ready import from the above XML file, so they can download data from the wholesaler using a ready solution.

How to get customers?

If you already have your own online store and a wholesaler set up, you can share information about the new b2b sales channel with your customers and business partners. It is also worth using additional advertising platforms such as Google, Facebook or Social Media.

An additional channel to reach new customers is to add a ready integration of the store to the SOTE Webstore. This way, other SOTE customers will be able to find out about the new wholesaler and easily integrate with it.

If you run a wholesaler and want other SOTE customers to be able to use the ready integration, contact us at

International Sales

Online sales is primarily about reach. This applies both to ways of obtaining new products for the store and offering them abroad. It is worth using your knowledge and experience in the industry to create a good and international offer for the store or wholesaler.

SOTESHOP software has many features that support international sales, which will help you achieve this goal. Find out: How to sell abroad?

Wholesalers in Poland

Check out the SOTE report containing over 500 wholesalers operating in the Polish market. Choose a category and check the popularity ranking of wholesalers: Wholesalers in Poland

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