New default cookie consent settings


In the latest update, version SOTESHOP 8.2.5, a change has been made to the default appearance of the cookie bar. This change aims to adapt the default cookie settings to Google requirements, EU law, and to better manage data. Find out how this change affects Google ADS ads and Google Analytics entry analysis.

New default cookie bar

Bar at the bottom of the page

Before the update, the default cookie bar appeared at the bottom and did not block the functioning of the page. According to the documentation: Cookie information was Version 1.

Cookie bar at the bottom of the page

Cookie consent window in the middle of the page - now default

After the update, if someone has never changed their cookie settings, a cookie consent window will automatically appear in the middle of the page. According to the documentation: Cookie information is Version 3.Cookie consent window in the middle of the page

Comparison and analysis of data

Currently, all data entries and transfers to other websites are done after accepting consent. This applies not only to Google, but also to Facebook and other integrations.

When we have a bar at the bottom, fewer people will click consent, but on the other hand, it does not interfere with the display and does not block the page.

The cookie consent window in the middle forces a decision on how data should be processed. In practice, 2-3 times more people will click consent and will be registered in Google Analytics, Facebook, etc., which means more data and more effective advertising, especially remarketing. The downside is that some customers will leave the page without clicking on any of the options.

Google Analytics and ADS Tracker

Google Analytics currently does not register all entries, which is related to the above consents, so we encourage you to use the reports of the ADS Tracker system, which is a standard function of SOTESHOP. ADS Tracker shows the real number of people entering the page. Since ADS Tracker is part of the SOTESHOP program and does not send data from the browser to other websites, it registers accurate data and does not require additional consent from the customer. Additionally, it can be used to analyze entries from advertisements.

ADS Tracker reports are often much more accurate than Google or Facebook reports, but the best solution is to analyze both external reports and those available directly in SOTESHOP.

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