Products configuration

In administration panel go to Configuration => Products configuration

Disabling the display of the duplicated products on a website

  1. Tick Don't allow to duplicate the products on the site,
  2. Press Save.

Setting the products sorting

  1. Select Default sort by:
    • Priority,
    • Name,
    • Price,
    • Newest,
  2. Select Default sort:
    • Ascending,
    • Descending,
  3. Press Save.

Setting the products prices

  1. Tick Only net prices,
  2. Prices of all the products in a shop are presented as net.

  3. Tick Show the products with the set price only,
  4. Products with price 0 will not be displayed in a shop.

  5. Tick Show price filter,
  6. Check out products attributes documentation.

  7. Select Hide price:
    • Disabled,
    • For all clients,
    • For not logged in clients,
    • For unverified clients,
  8. Hides the prices of all products in a store. You can hide a price of the selected product in its edit.

    Check out products documentation.

    Check out users documentation.

  9. Press Save.

Setting the number of displayed products on the lists

  1. Enter Number of products on full list,
  2. Press Save.

Stockroom configuration

Check out stockroom documentation.

Products options configuration

Check out products options documentation.

Configuration of shopping cart features

Check out shopping cart documentation.