Adding video to the store increases sales by an average of 9.5%.


A store containing video materials not only looks more attractive, but also has higher sales. According to Amazon data, adding video to products increases sales by an average of 9.5%. Find out how to add video to your store and present your offer more attractively.

One Video Changes Everything

Even one short video added to a product can change everything. Especially if we use the video gallery in the store, which allows you to present a short film immediately after entering the product card.

If combined with good information and photos, we can win the battle for the customer's time and keep them on the page longer. A longer customer time in the store is not only an opportunity for higher sales, but it is also one of the most important parameters read by Google, which affects the position of the store in the search results.

Learn more about the product gallery: Product Video Gallery

Video Presentation of Watch Graphics

See the presentation of Watch graphics in video form. You can also watch it at Watch Graphics is standard in the SOTESHOP 8 online store.

Increase Sales in the Store

According to Amazon data (Amazon Brand Conference 10/2022), products with video are more popular. As many as 67% of users are interested in video materials and would like to see them on the product card along with other additional information. Products with video materials generate an average of 9.5% higher sales compared to products that do not have these materials.

Anyone Can Add Video

You don't have to be a filmmaker or hire an agency to create a video for your store. All you need is a phone and a few short shots. A video will tell much more than just pictures. It builds trust and shows the real product. Many platforms require beautiful studio photos that often have nothing to do with reality, and it is reality that customers care about the most. Video best reflects the real features of the product.

Video banners and 40% discount

Video banners are an element that appears on the main page of the store. It is the best business card and an opportunity to draw attention to the customer. It is an element that has a great influence on the perception and emotions of the customer. It is worth using, especially since few companies have the option to add it to the page. In SOTESHOP, every store (in version 8) has the option to add video banners as standard.

If you want our team to prepare beautiful video banners for you, which will additionally be optimized so that they do not have a large volume and fit the store, take advantage of our offer. Until November 15, you can order 3 video banners with a 40% discount.

Order 3 professional video banners

Order video banners

See examples of video banners in the SOTESHOP store:

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