What are meta tags and what is their significance? How to choose a title and description for better shop positioning?


Title and description often decide how many people will click on your link in search results. Prepare individual titles and descriptions not only for the main page, but also for products and categories. Use meta tags as an element of promotion for your online store.

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Online meta tags - check the title and description of any page. Add your own description and see how it can be presented in search results.

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What are meta tags?

Meta tags are special tags on web pages that do not appear directly in the page content, but are used by other systems such as indexing, messengers, social networks.

The most popular meta tags on web pages:

  • Title - page titles
  • Description - page description
  • Keywords - keywords


It indicates the title of the page. In addition to being used by indexing systems, this title also appears in the browser bar, which has a very practical application if we have several tabs open. The title should be filled in for each page.


A short description of the content on the page. The description of the rules for creating a good title is in the next part of the article. The description should be filled in for each page.


The keywords values have no meaning in positioning, however it is worth adding a few of the most appropriate keywords for the page. Determining important keywords will be useful not only for indexing, but also for further work on optimizing the page.

How to check meta tags?

On our website we have prepared a simple form that allows you to check meta tags for any page. Additionally, you can enter your own data and see the online presentation in search results.

SOTE: Check meta tagsFor those who want to use a more advanced tool, we recommend the Chrome META SEO Inspector addon. It not only allows you to check the page's meta tags, but also shows many other useful information.

Chrome Addon: Chrome META SEO Inspector

A good solution is to monitor SEO for the entire page, including meta tags. Use Ubersuggert to check your page. You will receive a detailed report and suggestions for improving meta tags and other elements useful for SEO and positioning.

Ubersuggest - SEO Tool

What is the significance of meta tags in positioning?

Meta tags initially had a direct impact on the position in search results. However, due to excessive manipulation of meta tags, the significance of these elements has decreased. Many SEO "experts" believe that meta tags are no longer important and do not need to be filled in, which is not true.

Meta tags are still important from the SEO point of view and should be completed. What has changed is the direct keyword in the title and descriptions for the position in the search. Another argument for using meta tags is the fact that this element is still present in many specialized reports and page analysis tools, and the lack of meta tags is marked with a high priority.

How to use meta tags in SEO?

Instead of looking for tricks and tricks, in the title and page descriptions, add real information describing what is on the page. If they match the query, they will be displayed in the search results. If customers are directed to the pages they are looking for, they will spend more time on them, which directly affects the value of our page in positioning.

If we adopt the "fight for customer time" strategy for the entire website or online store, we have a good chance of better results and higher positions not only in Google search.

Meta tags: Page Title and Description

Title and description of a page often decide how many people will click a link in search results. Prepare individual titles and descriptions not only for the main page, but also for products and categories. It is also worth checking well-positioned pages of competitors.

How to create a good page title?

  • Each page should have a unique title.
  • Start with the most important information.
  • In simple words, convey what is on the page to which the link refers.
  • Do not repeat the same expressions on different pages.
  • It is worth starting with a keyword and putting it in a sentence.
  • The title should be short, about 50 characters (the length is measured in pixels and the maximum number of characters may vary slightly, depending on the entered text). Check if Google does not shorten the entered title.

Title in Google search results

  • The title presented in Google search results does not always match the title entered on the page.
  • A different title may be generated automatically from the page content if it better matches the user's query.
  • The better the title matches the content, the more often it will be presented as entered on the page.

How to create a good page description?

Remember that a good description is one that is readable to other people and corresponds to the content on the page. Google values pages by analyzing customer behavior and the time they spend on the page. Higher page values ​​affect a higher position in search results. If you don't have time to prepare individual descriptions for all pages, start with the most important ones, e.g.: home page, categories, most searched products.

  • Describe what is on the page. What are the most important information it contains.
  • Do not repeat the same content. This also applies to fragments that are too often repeated, which may have a negative effect on positioning.
  • Add a few short descriptive sentences.
  • You can also present the information in the form of a list.
  • Do not use different forms of the same expression. Use one correct form.

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