Great benefits for SEO and positioning with an additional language version.


Adding a new language version allows not only to reach new customers in Poland and foreign sales, but also has real benefits for SEO and positioning of the entire store. It is one of the simplest and fastest methods to add SEO value to the entire online store, also in the Polish version.

AI and SEO language versions

Working on positioning and SEO optimization of the store is a long and sometimes complicated process that can take many months. If we have prepared content for the store's pages for the Polish version, we can easily duplicate them for other language versions. All we need to do is translate them.

Thanks to our new offer of translations with artificial intelligence based on OpenAI (Chat GPT), you can order translations for the entire store, paying only 4% of the average price of traditional translation.

Benefits of AI translations made by SOTE:

  • Over 96% cheaper than traditional translations.
  • Short implementation time.
  • High quality of automatic translations.
  • Automation of translation implementation.
  • The system will search for missing translations and complete them.
  • Translation not only of offers, but also: categories, pages, blog, pages and texts entered into the store.

Here is a list of several important SEO parameters that are affected by an additional language version:

  • If we have unique and valuable content in one language, it will also be a big advantage in other language versions.
  • Introducing an additional language version allows for the inclusion of language-specific phrases and terminology, which affects better positioning.
  • Translating descriptions and custom content increases the amount of content on store pages and does not cause duplication.
  • Thanks to the proper link system in SOTESHOP, each page has a separate URL, which increases the number of indexed addresses in Google.
  • Internal linking: Introducing an additional language version allows for internal linking between pages in different languages, which improves navigation for users and facilitates indexing by search engines.
  • Adapting content to the language of the audience. Users spend more time on such a page and browse more pages. As a result, they improve two very important positioning parameters: time on page increases, and the bounce rate decreases.
  • Higher positioning parameters analyzed by Google for language versions affect the entire domain.

AI translations 96% cheaper. Only 2 zł per page.

We have introduced a groundbreaking service for translating product descriptions, categories, and texts based on the OpenAI artificial intelligence system, which is also used in Chat GPT. The translations are currently available in 12 languages supported by SOTESHOP, but new languages can also be added. The cost of AI translations is 96% lower than standard translation.

Translation of store offers using artificial intelligence (AI). Learn more.

AI translations

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We have introduced an innovative service for translating product descriptions, categories and texts based on the OpenAI artificial intelligence system, which is also the basis for Chat GPT. Translations are currently made in 12 languages supported in SOTESHOP, but new ones can also be added. The cost of AI translations is 96% lower than standard translation, plus very short delivery time. It is worth using AI to work for us.

Ukrainian Version of the SOTESHOP Online Store

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Important Change in Google Analytics (GA4) from July 1, 2023. Adjust the Configuration in Your Store.

Starting from July 1, 2023, Google is introducing significant changes to the Universal Analytics service. The current standard services in Universal Analytics will stop processing new data. Therefore, we strongly recommend switching to Google Analytics 4 and setting up the appropriate configuration in your online store as soon as possible.