Women's Day - History, Traditions and Celebrations in Poland and Around the World


International Women's Day, celebrated every year on March 8th, is an international holiday that pays tribute to women around the world for their achievements, fight for equality, and acknowledges their role in society. In this article, we will look at the history of this holiday, as well as the traditions associated with celebrating Women's Day in Poland and other countries.

Women's Day

History of Women's Day

The origins of Women's Day date back to the beginning of the 20th century, when women around the world began to demand voting rights, better treatment, and equality with men. In 1908, the first women's march took place in New York, demanding the right to vote and better working conditions. In 1909, the American Socialist Party organized the first celebration of National Women's Day, which took place on February 28th. In the following years, the idea of a women's holiday gained more and more recognition on the international stage, until in 1911 it was celebrated for the first time in Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland. In 1917, during the October Revolution, the Russian authorities granted women the right to vote, and in 1921 Women's Day gained international holiday status.

Traditions in Poland

In Poland, Women's Day has been celebrated since 1911. Traditionally, on this day men give women flowers, mainly tulips, carnations, and roses, as well as small gifts such as chocolates or cosmetics. In schools, universities, and workplaces, meetings and events are organized to recognize the achievements and contributions of women. In recent years, marches, demonstrations, and cultural events have become increasingly popular, aimed at highlighting the importance of gender equality and the fight for women's rights.

Women's Day Celebrations Around the World

Women's Day is celebrated around the world, but in different forms. In some countries, such as Italy, men give women daffodils - symbols of love and respect. In China, some companies give their female employees a day off to celebrate this special day. In the United States, Women's Day is part of Women's History Month (observed in March), during which numerous events and initiatives are held to promote the achievements of women and their role in society.In countries such as Germany, Sweden or Australia, International Women's Day is an opportunity to carry out numerous social and educational campaigns that draw attention to gender equality issues such as violence against women or discrimination in the workplace.

In African countries such as South Africa, Ghana or Nigeria, International Women's Day celebrations have a particularly local character and often focus on issues affecting African women communities, such as the fight against poverty or improving access to education.

Promotions related to International Women's Day in e-commerce

International Women's Day is not only an opportunity to celebrate and recognize women's achievements, but also a great moment for e-commerce to attract customers with attractive promotions. In the period leading up to March 8, online stores prepare special offers and discounts on products popular among women, such as cosmetics, clothing, jewelry or accessories. E-shops often offer services such as free delivery, attractive gift packaging or the possibility of ordering goods with an individual dedication at this time.

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