The end of support for SOTESHOP 7 version. Full support for version 8.


We have finished issuing updates for SOTESHOP 7 version, we now offer full support only for SOTESHOP 8 version. Any store with active access to updates and service can switch to version 8.


Technically, the possibility of downloading updates for version 7 will expire at the end of 2022, but from June new updates for version 7 will no longer be released. If you are using SOTESHOP 7, update your store to version 8 now. Any store that has access to updates can update to version 8. If you don't know how to do it, we will help you switch to the latest version.

Benefits of SOTESHOP 8 version

Benefits of switching to SOTESHOP online store version 8:

  • Up-to-date integrations with external services: Allegro, payment systems, delivery systems.
  • Store compliant with current legal regulations.
  • Better store positioning - adaptation to new Google requirements.
  • New features in the store's administrative panel, better work ergonomics.
  • AdsTracker - system for tracking the source of orders.
  • Modern graphic themes available at the click of a button.
  • New, well-positioned blog as part of the store.
  • New version of the newsletter.

Check out the list of changes: List of changes in SOTESHOP 8.1 version

Allegro integration requires version 8

Integration with Allegro in SOTESHOP 7 version is outdated and does not meet Allegro requirements. Offers added in version 7 will appear lower in the results or integration will stop working. To have an up-to-date integration with Allegro, you need to update the store to version 8.

Learn more about the changes on Allegro: Allegro product catalog. What changed on August 1, 2022?

The holiday season in e-commerce starts now

The pre-holiday period is approaching - the time of the most intense online shopping. Update your store and make sure you can always download the latest changes and have access to technical support.

Don't put this off until the last minute. Every year we receive a lot of requests from stores for individual services. In the coming months, the availability of scheduled services may be limited due to the large number of inquiries.

Attention! We provide support and individual services only for stores in the latest version.

Store Update

If you no longer have access to updates, take advantage of the new offer and individual discount.

We currently offer updates and technical support in the form of subscription plans. As part of this service, we also provide an update to version 8. We have prepared an individual discount for each of our existing customers.

Choose the new SOTESHOP service with an individual discount.

Check your discount

Additional discount until the end of September 2022

In September you can activate or extend the service at a lower price. After logging in, the prices of services are different than for new customers, and additionally only until the end of September you can also use the discount code for 10% on the basket page: 4401-KL36-89MO

If you have any questions, we are at your disposal at the following phone numbers:
+48 736-382-120, +48 736-382-121 or email:

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SOTESHOP 8.1 Online Store. The fastest growing e-commerce platform in Poland.

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Allegro Product Catalog. What changed on August 1, 2022?

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Check your individual discount with SOTESHOP 8. Order a new service.

Check your individual discount with SOTESHOP 8. Order a new service.

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