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An update has been released to speed up the store's performance. The loading speed of the store's pages is not only important for customers, but also is one of the parameters used by Google for positioning.

The improvements mainly concern the mobile version, but we were able to increase the speed of the page also for the "Desktop" version.

Google PageSpeed Comparison

Since the speed measurement Google PageSpeed is always a bit different (depending on many intermediate factors), we have done several tests before and after the store update for better comparison.

Comparison of the speed of the page according to Googe PageSpeed before and after the update.

Mobile devices

Average - Mobile devices

  • Before update: 66.1
  • After update: 77.7

Change: +17.5%

Desktop version

Average - Desktop

  • Before update: 92.1
  • After update: 94

Change: +2%

Store Update

We encourage you to update the store and take advantage of the changes that speed up the store's performance.

We recommend that after the update you go to the optimization module:
Store Panel->Configuration->Module Configuration->Optimization

If the "Resource Compression" option is not available, it means that it is enabled on the server and nothing else needs to be done. If the server does not have compression enabled, then this option should be checked.

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