More products in SOTESHOP online stores.


We are increasing the number of products in the SOTESHOP online store for the SOTESHOP Standard, PRO and VIP versions. All within the current subscriptions, without any additional charges. Additionally, we offer the possibility of launching a SOTESHOP store with an assortment of up to 100,000 products.

More products in SOTESHOP

New limits of product quantity in SOTESHOP

Below is a comparison of product quantity changes for each SOTESHOP version - before and after the change:

Store version Before change New limit
SOTESHOP Standard 10 000 15 000
SOTESHOP PRO 20 000 30 000
SOTESHOP VIP 30 000 50 000 *)

*) For the SOTESHOP VIP version, there is the possibility of changing the number of products to 100,000 as part of an individual service. Contact:

What benefits does a larger number of products bring?

A larger number of products in an online store can bring the seller many different benefits, including:

  • The possibility of integrating the store with a larger number of wholesalers and downloading a larger number of products to the store.
  • A wider selection for customers, which increases the likelihood that they will find a product that meets their needs.
  • The ability to offer a wide range of products in different categories and prices, which allows you to reach a wide group of customers.
  • The possibility of generating additional income through the sale of a larger number of products.
  • Increased competitive position compared to online stores with fewer products.
  • Better SEO and more data in Google, which affects the position of the entire store.

How to activate and check the product limit in SOTESHOP?

The change in the number of products is automatic, but we still recommend updating the store to the latest version. This is because older versions may not have automatic product quantity settings.

To check the number of products in the store, click the (i) License Information icon in the lower left corner of the admin panel. If you do not see the new limits, click the refresh icon. The system will automatically update the data.

Watch the short video showing how to check the product limit.

Questions and Answers about Product Quantity

Below we present selected questions and answers related to product limits in the SOTESHOP online store.

What is the maximum number of products in SOTESHOP?

The current limit is 100,000 products. It is offered as an additional, individual service for stores in the SOTESHOP VIP version. It results from performance tests and guarantees the operation of the store with such a large assortment. It should also be taken into account that a larger number of products requires larger server resources and in some cases better hosting.

How to increase the number of products in SOTESHOP?

If the limit within the current version is insufficient, it is enough to change the version of the store to a higher one. The limit will be automatically increased. Changes can be made at any time, payments for unused periods are deducted from the new subscription. If you want to change the subscription to a higher one, contact us at:

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