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A new version of SOTESHOP 8.1.5 has been released. Since the last update, we have introduced a total of 44 improvements, including changes to price history, reviews, discounts and adaptation of the store to the Omnibus Directive, which will come into force on January 1, 2023, improvements in integration with DPD deliveries and many others.

Sklep internetowy SOTESHOP 8.1.5

List of changes in SOTESHOP 8.1.5 version

  1. Price history: Update product configuration, optimization and changes in displaying price history on the product card.
  2. Price history: Adding a new discount handling system.
  3. Price history: Changes regarding the presentation of the lowest price before the discount/price change.
  4. Reviews: Adding information to the reviews displayed on the store whether it was confirmed by purchase.
  5. Holiday additions to the store: adding video to the addition + the possibility of adding your own video to the wishes.
  6. Wholesalers: BossOfToys - deactivating products during import.
  7. Administrative panel and updates: adding version recognition methods, software version information, adapting functions to versions.
  8. Availability: Fixing the "Show available products" function in the configuration.
  9. Blog: Fixing canonical links.
  10. Demo: Fixing the operation of the store demo.
  11. Bianco graphics: Adding the ability to display product groups on the store's home page.
  12. Argento, Giallo and Lazuli graphics: Adding video to banners for initial data.
  13. Graphics: Fixing the display of the "Net discount" text on the product card.
  14. Watch Graphics: Default background adjustments.
  15. SOTESHOP XML export: fixing XML formatting for products with nested options
  16. DPD deliveries: Automatically marking whether the shipment is collect on delivery or not.
  17. DPD deliveries: Automatically filling in the package content field with information about the order number.
  18. DPD deliveries: Selection of the possibility of collecting labels in another format.
  19. DPD deliveries: Adding the date of shipment creation.
  20. Inpost parcel machines: Fixes for saving costs for Saturday deliveries.
  21. Marrone graphics: Adding video to banners for sample data.
  22. Cyclic Import: Fixes in the functions "Do not add products without price" and "Do not add products without photos".
  23. DPD Deliveries: The "Change Order Status" field has been added to the configuration, which allows you to select the status to which it will automatically change after creating the shipment in the order.
  24. DPD Deliveries: The "Package Sizes" field has been added to the configuration. It allows you to add default package sizes, which will later be visible and selectable when creating the shipment in the order.
  25. Paypal: Fixes to payment mechanisms for orders.
  26. DPD Deliveries: Added an option to choose between A4 and A6 format for PDF documents. For ZPL and EPL documents, add the A6 page type format.
  27. Przelewy 24: Fixes to payment mechanisms for orders.
  28. Graphics: Add video to banners for sample data for themes: Futura, Ristorante, Elegante, Bianco and Moda.
  29. Invoices: Changes related to the zw appearing instead of 0 on the invoice.
  30. Graphics Watch and Climb: Fixes for displaying products in the recommended group on the home page.
  31. Orders: Fixes for orders related to the e-mail field.
  32. Websites: Fixes to the link in the "Go to page" button in the store panel.
  33. Wholesalers: Integration with the Emibig lighting wholesaler and manufacturer.
  34. Comfino Payments: Fix for incorrect display of the selected Comfino payment channel when selecting another payment.
  35. Santander Payments: Fixes for displaying Santander installments on the product card.
  36. Google Shopping: Fixes to the sale_price field in the xml for Google Merchant.
  37. Newsletter: Fixes for displaying the message preview in the store panel.
  38. Wholesalers: Panda Furniture - fixes for importing variants and stock states.
  39. Site Map: Fix for blog entry URLs.
  40. Banners: Elimination of sound from playing the video banner.
  41. Sample data for the Climb theme: Adding video banners.
  42. Update of integration with the Novodworski wholesaler: Fixes related to import.
  43. Webapi: Fix the type of the client_request_invoice field to bool for the order.
  44. Discounts: Allow differentiation of discounts for retail and wholesale customers.


Updates are standard for all SOTESHOP 8 stores with SOTESHOP Start, Standard, PRO or VIP subscription services. Check the store update documentation: Update Documentation

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