SOTESHOP 8.2.4 Online Store


A new version of SOTESHOP 8.2.4 has been released. Since the last update, we have implemented a total of 26 improvements, including integration with DPD Pickup, options to show recently viewed and watched products in the side panel, on the customer's account, and on the product card.

SOTESHOP 8.2.4 Online Store

List of changes in SOTESHOP 8.2.4 version

  1. Products: Recently viewed products.
  2. Products: Watched products.
  3. Products: Fixed filter functionality on product pages in Firefox browser.
  4. Blog: Updated display of blog post presentations in Watch and Climb graphic themes.
  5. Blog: Fixes for displaying blog posts for all graphic themes.
  6. Watch and Climb theme: Fixes for displaying search field and subcategories in mobile version.
  7. Product: Possibility to add 32 characters to the unit of measure field for a product.
  8. Periodic import: Added a markup table in the periodic import configuration in the store panel.
  9. Returns and complaints: Fixed return time update.
  10. Graphic themes: A new Cosmo graphic theme has been added to the software standard.
  11. Sample data: Adding bright icons of guarantee and trust for initial products for dark themes.
  12. Invoices: Fixing the link to download an invoice in the store.
  13. Products: Improvements in displaying the shortened description on the product list in graphic themes based on the Bianco theme.
  14. Store panel: Optimization of the package that manages multimedia files in the store.
  15. Remarketing and Google Ads conversion: Fixing the link to configuration and updating the application name.
  16. Recurring import: Fixing the error of multiple redirections when downloading an import file that requires authentication.
  17. Watch, Cosmo and Climb themes: Fixing the display of product photo galleries on mobile devices.
  18. Integration with DPD Pickup service - pickup points: Adding a new application to the webstore.
  19. WebAPI: Adding the is_cod output parameter field to GetOrderPayment, informing whether the payment is "cash on delivery".
  20. Orders: Fixing the display of deliveries in the order on the panel side.
  21. Products: Improvements in the "Hide price" function in the product configuration on the panel.
  22. Recurring import: Improvements in product option import.
  23. Language versions: Updating texts in French language in the store.
  24. Graphic themes: A new Passo graphic theme has been added to the software standard.
  25. ADS Tracker: Corrections to the sum of entries in monthly reports.
  26. Recurring import: Correction of import file and image download for links containing spaces or additional parameters.


Updates are available as standard for all SOTESHOP 8 stores with SOTESHOP Start, Standard, PRO or VIP subscription services. Check the store update documentation: Update documentation

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We have added long-awaited new features to the standard of SOTESHOP online store: recently viewed and watched products. Now customers can easily see previously visited products and add them to their watched/favorite list with just one click. These features are available in the standard updates of SOTESHOP 8.

DPD Pickup - store integration with deliveries, pick-up points and automatic shipment creation

We are pleased to announce the release of a new add-on for the SOTESHOP online store, which allows for integration with the DPD Pickup delivery system. The system allows for parcel pick-up at DPD points, parcel lockers, and offers simple management and automation of the entire process. The add-on was created in cooperation with SOTE and DPD Poland.

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