The latest version of Chat GPT 4o in SOTESHOP. Even better product descriptions with AI, up to 20,000 characters.


On May 13, 2024, OpenAI presented the groundbreaking version of Chat GPT 4o. Just 10 days later, we introduce support for this advanced technology for SOTESHOP. With integration into SOTE AI, our customers can now create more attractive product descriptions and manage data in their online stores using the latest achievements in artificial intelligence.

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What is Chat GPT 4o?

Chat GPT 4o is the latest version of the chat released by OpenAI, which uses artificial intelligence to generate text based on provided information. Version 4o offers greater precision, better understanding of context, and faster responses than previous versions, making it an ideal tool to support operations in online stores and many other applications.

The capabilities of version GPT 4o are much greater and are not limited to text generation. For more information about CHAT GPT 4o, visit:

Chat GPT 4o support in SOTESHOP

Chat GPT 4o support is automatically available for all stores using the SOTE AI Standard and PRO service. Just update the store to the latest version, and the new features will appear when generating product descriptions and blog posts.

What’s new in the new SOTE AI version for GPT 4o?

List of selected changes introduced along with GPT 4o support:

  • Generating product descriptions with GPT 4o
  • Generating blog posts with GPT 4o
  • Increase in input data from 1600 characters to 32000 characters – up to 20x more!
  • Increase in generated data from 2000 characters to 16000 - 20,000 characters.
  • Adding the ability to generate AI data for different AI models
  • Updating queries generating product descriptions and blog post content

Up to 20 times more data and descriptions up to 20,000 characters

Notably, the amount of analyzed data has increased up to 20 times! Previously, when generating a description, we could send 1600 characters, which caused issues with longer descriptions. Now, with 32000 characters at our disposal, we can generate more precise data even for very long descriptions. Additionally, the length of the generated description can be from 16,000 to 20,000 characters (the length depends on the text structure and language version).

Generate unlimited AI images and descriptions

With the SOTE AI service, you generate images and descriptions without limits, whenever you want. You can generate many versions and choose the best-generated data. Additionally, you can use SOTE AI up to 100 times for free to see how artificial intelligence functions in the SOTESHOP online store.

Order SOTE AI and activate the artificial intelligence system in your store.


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