Two-Factor Authentication 2FA in the store panel


Reminder: an important security update related to the store has been released, introducing two-factor authentication when logging into the store's panel. After updating the store, new security features will be automatically activated. Update and secure your store.

Two-Factor Authentication 2FA

Two-factor authentication adds additional security to logging into the store's panel. With this method, in addition to the login and password, a special authentication code is required for each new device. The operation of codes and device authorization is time-limited, providing additional security.

How does Two-Factor Authentication 2FA work?

  • When logging into the panel, the system will request an additional authentication code, which will be sent to the administrator's email account.
  • The code is required for each new login on a given device.
  • The system logs each login attempt.
  • Additionally, the system supports one-time codes.

Learn how to activate two-factor authentication in the store by clicking the link to the documentation below: Two-Factor Authentication

Store Update

Update to the latest version of SOTESHOP 8.3.0 can be downloaded in the store update panel: Update Documentation

Two-Factor Authentication 2FA