Comfino - a new payment system for B2C and B2B customers in the SOTESHOP online store. Deferred and installment payments.


We have added the Comfino payment system to our online store SOTESHOP. The platform offers various online payment methods, including 0% installments, Low Installments or deferred payments (Buy Now, Pay Later). Comfino also offers purchase financing for businesses.


What is Comfino?

It is a modern e-commerce payment method, thanks to which customers can easily and conveniently pay for purchases in your online store! Products offered by Comfino relate to installment payments, the financing of which is provided by renowned banks and payment institutions. as part of S.A. was created to revolutionize payments in e-commerce. S.A. is a brand known in the world of finance for 15 years. One of the oldest and largest entities in the financial services, insurance distribution and advertising market, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Activate Comfino in the store and get up to 2000 PLN *)

Just turn on Comfino payments on your website and you can get up to 2000 PLN *).

Register in the Comfino system.


Link to the form: Comfino registration form

Promotion conditions

  • Conclusion of the contract with Comfino in the period 05-26.09.2022.
  • Activation of Comfino payments on your website 14 days after signing the contract.

*) More information and the promotion regulations can be found on the website: Comfino - promotion regulations

What products does Comfino offer?

  • “Buy now - pay in 30 days” payments for individual customers
  • 0% installments
  • Convenient margin installments (APR) - paid installments, the cost of which is covered by the individual customer, and the store receives a commission
  • Purchase financing for businesses

All this thanks to one integration! You save time and money, gaining many credit products from all sectors of the financial market.

How to activate Comfino payments in your store?

  • Register by filling out the form: Registration in Comfino
  • The Comfino sales department will write to you and discuss further implementation.
  • Then you will sign a contract with Comfino. At this stage, together with your individual supervisor, you will choose the payment methods you want to implement in your store.
  • After signing the contract, you will receive production access to the module, and Comfino will enable the payment methods you have chosen.

See the activation instructions in the SOTESHOP store: Documentation - Comfino

What you gain as a seller

  • Increase sales - reduce the number of abandoned carts by matching the payment offer to the needs and profile of the customer.
  • Improve the competitiveness of the offer - a wide range of payments: 0% installments, margin installments, deferred payments for individual customers and installments for companies.
  • Reduce the number of abandoned carts - many financing providers for a given product - the platform matches the offer so that the customer receives financing and does not leave the store.
  • Speed - customer credit decision in as little as 15 minutes. 100% online process. Funds directly to the store account.
  • Adaptation to market trends - a permanent offer of deferred payments. The biggest ones already have it!
  • Savings - one implementation, one contract, one supervisor - many credit products from all sectors of the financial market.
  • Cyclical promotions - regularly encouraging customers to shop in your store.

What your customer gains

  • Matching the financing offer to the customer - minimizing the negative decision of the bank and / or financial institution.
  • Convenience - quick process in real time, completely online, without documents.
  • Improve liquidity - the possibility of deferring payments for purchases on the Internet.
  • Security - the payment service is handled by a Small Payment Institution (KNF supervision).
  • Completeness - Financing period from 3 days to 48 months. Forms of financing available for individual customers and B2B sector customers.
  • Universality - Acceleration of the credit payment process. Customers registered in the Comfino database for the next purchase on the Internet (in any store with Comfino) do not have to fill out a credit application. The data is read automatically.
  • Strength in simplicity - one, universal application for many financial institutions.
  • Optimization - for B2B customers - the possibility of including the entire purchase and service costs in the costs of obtaining income.
  • Satisfaction - increased customer satisfaction through financing purchases in a short time.

Download the Comfino application for free to your store.

Download for free

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